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AppNexus and Collective

Collective relies on the power of video to drive brand recognition and recall among its target audiences. Historically, executing advertising campaigns across premium inventory at scale required paying a substantial price premium—the cost of video advertising tends to be significantly higher than that of display advertising on desktop or mobile. As such, Collective was looking for a scaled, more cost-effective way to achieve campaign reach and performance objectives for its advertisers’ digital video campaigns while still maintaining a high level of inventory quality.

In addition to implementing more cost-effective options for video advertising, Collective needed a solution that would complement and allow them to seamlessly layer on its own platform agnostic and transparent data and reporting interface, VISTO™ , to its chosen video buying partner. For this, Collective required a highly flexible analytics platform that would allow them to customize insights and easily compare results across the is video system.

By testing two unique scenarios, Collective compared AppNexus head-to-head against competitive cross-channel video buying solutions.

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