European Education in figures – a broad overview of 2015 and plans for 2016 at National IAB level – Part 2

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Over 50% of IABs employ regular assessment procedures for their courses and trainers. This is one of the main requirements for a course to be endorsed by IAB Europe 


Reeling from a severe crisis plaguing the country, IAB Hellas is preparing a decisive return to the centre stage of education in Europe with no fewer than three 40-hour long thematic courses. The comprehensive course line-up is comprised of a Sell-side essentials course (deep dive in display, video, ad ops, etc.), Agency-side client service essentials course, and Buyer-side digital essentials course. Executives from the Cypriot market are expected to attend these courses, in addition to the over 40 mid- to top-tier brand and product executives who attended the 2015 IAB GR seminar on mobile marketing developed in collaboration with the Cypriot Advertisers’ Association.

All IABs participating to the 2015 Questionnaire on Education state that they have plans to expand their education programmes 


2016 marks a turning point for education at IAB Italy. In addition to the organisation’s collaboration with several universities such as La Cattolica (Milan) and La Sapienza (Rome) for their M.A. programmes which saw 25 – 30 students per year attending the talks held by IAB IT staff and members, IAB IT has big plans for this year. The creation of their very own IAB Academy and the implementation of the IAB US DMS and ADOPS certifications in their local market, is expected to entice over 250 students and professionals to enrol in IAB IT’s training programmes this year. In addition to the US certification platform adapted by IAB IT, there are also plans to add a locally implemented “Programmatic Specialist” certification. 

Two National IABs have already enrolled in the IAB Europe Endorsement Programme and several others are in the process of submitting their curricula 


IAB Poland is at the forefront of education endeavours in Europe. With a massive record of close to 1k students and professionals for a combined 2015 and 2016 in its training programmes, IAB Poland is definitely one of the big players in National-led education across Europe. Their flagship initiative, post-graduate studies in 10 Polish Universities, garnered the attention of close to 400 students in 2015 and are expected to hit a similar mark in 2016. Bespoke training is also a key focus of IAB Poland with 300 marketers attending these types of courses. A Train the Trainers programme entitled DIMAQ T4T also aims to have 30 trainers graduate so that they can then go train the close to 200 students expected to enroll in the DIMAQ prep course by the end of 2016.

100% of the IABs participating in IAB Europe’s 2015 Questionnaire on Education stated that their main audience is comprised of professionals, rather than students 


With a wide range of courses and workshops, the latter devised by the IAB UK Training Department and the IAB Councils, and delivered by members of the aforementioned councils, IAB UK is without a doubt running one of the most comprehensive training programmes in Europe. Their training calendar should be a source of inspiration for any National-level organisation looking to expand their training offer. IAB UK’s Digital Marketing Essentials, Digital Sales, Digital Project & Production Management courses were graduated by close to 150 professionals in 2015.

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