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IAB Slovakia is a partnership of Slovak companies operating in Slovak Internet and advertising business. Our mission is to:
· Provide standardization of ethical and legal rules for Internet advertising,

· Support the development of Internet as an advertising medium,

· Supply Internet’s professionalization as an advertising medium by presenting solid visitors and demographical structure data of Slovak Internet media.


Online publishers, agencies and numerous other sectors of online marketing.


Occasionally, temporary working groups are created to solve actual problems or to examine specific topics.

Communication Tools

The website at www.iabslovakia.sk has all necessary information about IAB Slovakia.
Weekly Webnews, www.facebook.com/IABslovakia and twitter: @IABsk


  • Self-regulation in online advertising, with rules on ethical issues through our Ethical Kodex for electronic media.
  • Recommendations for online media in area of cybersquatting and online advertising standards.
  • Lobbying in legislative issues related to the online market.
  • Evening events
  • Contest for student for the best thesis on the topic of internet advertising

Special Projects

  • AIMmonitor – measurement of Slovak internet usage
  • Online advertising rules and Online advertising standards
  • Ethical kodex for electronic media
  • Cybersquatting Recommendation


The supreme body of IAB Slovakia is the General Assembly. The Executive body is a Board of 7 elected representatives from the membership. The Executive Director is the legal representative of association.
IAB Slovakia has also one permanent commission, methodological, which administrates and implements proposals falling within area of the official Slovak online audience measurement.
Executive Board Chief – Milan Csaplár

Managing Director – Mia Copikova



Mia Copikova | Managing Director IAB Slovakia | copikova@iabslovakia.sk  Mobile: +421 903 421 046

http://www.aimsr.sk/ | facebook: www.facebook.com/IABslovakia | twitter: @IABsk

IAB Slovakia

Viedenska cesta 5

851 01  Bratislava

Slovak Republic


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