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Programmatic Pioneers Report: From Pixels to People

Online marketing is in a state of flux. From fraud to ad-blocking, brand marketers are really up against it. Great brands are built and optimised over decades, but with the recent explosion of digital tools marketers have the ability to tinker in real-time.

The shift has provided a myriad of benefits but also several hurdles, how marketers are dealing with these was the subject of some recent research.

Our friends at ‘The Programmatic Pioneers Summit’ surveyed 100 senior marketers about their feelings on programmatic advertising, including the investment they plan to allocate to it over the next few years, how confident they are in implementing it and what barriers they face in their organisation.

Some topics raised in the report include:

  • What are your online & offline budgets and how do these compare?
  • How comfortable are you and your organisation in executing programmatic campaigns?
  • What are your biggest challenges as a programmatic marketer?
  • How confident do you feel at measuring the success of your campaigns

For the latest industry figures and survey results, get your free copy of the full report here:



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