comScore report: 3 digital categories to watch at the start of 2017

In keeping with previous years, January 2017 may well bring a spike in usage for categories relating to ‘fresh start’ or future plans for consumers.

61% of the German online audience visited travel sites, 44% health sites and 30% career services and development, and demonstrated increased engagement with these categories. The unique seasonal behaviours provide valuable insights for businesses in these sectors and targeting these audiences.

Some key findings:

  • For the internet as a whole, desktop minutes per user are less than 1% higher for January 2016 when compared to the average for the rest of the year, but some categories experience strong seasonal increases.
  • Engagement rates to training and education and online travel agents saw clear uplifts during January 2016, with desktop minutes per visitor increasing by 70% and 12% respectively, when compared to the average for the rest of the year.
  • With seasonal illness and plans for self-improvement, the average number of desktop visits per visitor increased by 11% for the health category in January compared to the 2016 average.
  • Despite the best intentions, some German consumers decided to give up or postpone their healthy resolutions, choosing instead the movies category which enjoyed a 241% increase in minutes compared to the average of the year.


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