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Press release: IAB Europe endorses DIMAQ, the programme setting the standards of knowledge and competencies in the sector of digital marketing

Brussels, 30th June – DIMAQ (Digital Marketing Qualification) certification is going to be introduced in Slovenia, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia&Hercegovina in May and June this year as part of a programme of standardization of knowledge and skills among industry professionals. The programme was developed and implemented successfully in late 2015 by IAB Poland, and it acts as a tool of effective assessment of industry qualifications, improves the quality of the offered services, and builds market trust. It is compliant with the principles of the European Qualifications Framework.

The introduction of a programme of standardization of competence for industry professionals is a response to the current needs of the industry – the growing competitiveness of the market of digital services, and the increasing expectations of marketers and employers across the whole of Europe. It allows industry professionals to confirm their competences, streamlines the communication between marketers and agencies, and aids employers in assessing the level of knowledge and skills of their employees, acting as an essential element of both motivation and recruitment activities.

IAB Europe constantly strives to support high-quality education initiatives across Europe. One way it does this is by providing those programmes which raise the bar in the field of digital training with the recognition they deserve through the IAB Europe Endorsement Programme. We’re certain that the development of DIMAQ, officially endorsed by IAB Europe since March, will improve the quality of services and competitiveness of the online sector”, says Ionel Naftanaila, Business and Technology Director, IAB Europe.

Furthermore, training sessions for master coaches are under way, organized in cooperation with IAB Polska. E-marketing professionals will be able to sit for the first examination session as early as in June this year. This will be also possible in Hungary, Slovakia, and Croatia towards the end of this year. At present, there are talks on introducing the programme in other countries in cooperation with local IABs. In the second half of the year work will commence on a pan-European version of DIMAQ programme, to be developed and implemented by IAB Polska and IAB Europe.

Competence standardized

DIMAQ covers not only global issues, but also those specific to a given regional sector of e-marketing (e.g. legal issues). The DIMAQ examination assesses knowledge in the scope of digital marketing on a general level (professional). It covers matters from 12 areas, including strategy and planning, display advertising, social media and content marketing, mobile marketing, cyberlaw, e-commerce, programmatic, and analytics. Every certificate is compliant with the principles of the European Qualifications Framework.


The validity of DIMAQ certificates is limited because of the ongoing dynamic development of the digital marketing industry. After two years of obtaining one’s certificate, it is necessary to take the exam again or to extend the certificate’s validity through participation in a special recertification programme involving collecting points for taking part in industry-specific events (conferences, workshops) accredited by IAB, participation in IAB working groups, and pursuing tertiary or postgraduate education.


Association of Internet Industry Employers IAB Poland comprises more than 200 companies operating on the Internet market in Poland, including largest web portals, advertising networks, media houses, and interactive agencies. Its main goal is broad market education on using the Internet as an effective business and promotion tool. The Association promotes e-marketing solutions as well as develops, presents and implements quality standards. It prepares reports and conducts online market research, organizes conferences, workshops and training courses. One of its flagship projects is DIMAQ, a certification program for e-marketing knowledge. IAB Poland has operated since 2000 and is part of the global organization IAB and member of IAB Europe. Find out more on

About the IAB Europe Endorsement Programme

As a main building block in IAB Europe’s plan  to  support  education  and  training  initiatives  in  Europe, the Endorsement Programme comes as a collaborative, easy to implement, and  high  impact  project.  Its main goal is to provide additional visibility and weight to high-quality training programmes developed by members and partners.

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