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As a main building block in IAB Europe’s plan  to  support  education  and  training  initiatives  in  Europe, the Endorsement Programme comes as a collaborative, easy to implement, and  high  impact  project.  Its main goal is to enable European IABs and IAB Europe corporate members to improve digital education in their markets and thus help create the fertile ground in which digital advertising could expand effortlessly, backed by a tech-savvy workforce.

In its mission to support training efforts by National IABs and its corporate members, IAB Europe offers them, through the Endorsement Programme, the opportunity to advertise their courses as being endorsed by IAB Europe, and to use the IAB Europe logo on all their promotional and course materials. Furthermore, the second avenue envisioned by IAB Europe with regard to the Endorsement Programme is to raise the exposure of the programmes developed and delivered by National IABs and corporate members, by promoting them through all its communication channels.

The current list of IAB Europe endorsed programmes includes:

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IAB Europe strongly believes that there is a significant need in Europe for high-quality digital training, as digital skills gained will help shape out the online advertising market for years to come. That is why, in order for a course to be endorsed by IAB Europe it has to meet a set of requirements ensuring that the high-standards required by a strong digital industry are upheld:

  • The Programme has to follow a curriculum that has been jointly developed by IAB Europe and its members. If such a curriculum has not yet been developed by IAB Europe, the organisation seeking endorsement will provide IAB Europe with its own curriculum to be then reviewed by IAB Europe.
  • The curriculum has to meet the following standards:
    • Thoroughness of each topic covered
    • Accuracy of information presented
    • Wide range of commercial solutions presented, where applicable, steering clear of narrow course materials promoting a single product. If possible, complete commercial neutrality is preferred (i.e. no specific mention of a product or brand).
  • The trainer(s) delivering the course, as well as the course itself will have to undergo regular assessments through a feedback form developed by IAB Europe. In the case of courses that do not have specific trainers (i.e. delivered online), only a course feedback form will be distributed.

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