Network-recommended Trainers

Below is a list of trainers who come highly-recommended by our members and who can be reached out to should you require a foreign specialist to deliver your courses.

In addition to covering any shortage of trainers that your local market might have, the advantage of contracting the services of a trainer from this list is twofold:

  • The trainers have had previous collaborations with our members and their names have been put forward as not only top-notch experts in their field, but also reputable pedagogues
  • The course you are delivering will benefit from added value and will be easier to market once advertised as delivered by a foreign trainer

Check back regularly for more trainers and recommendations based on their specific areas of expertise.

Contact us or the trainer directly should you wish to contract their services.

A perpetual student of the human mind, passionate marketer, full-time entrepreneur, that’s Ionuț R. Munteanu. Licensed in Psychology ...
3 July 2019
Ionuț Radu Munteanu – IAB Romania Recommended
Uroš Žižek is owner and director of research at E-laborat d.o.o.. He is a full-time lecturer at the NETFORK Digital Business Academy, Nas...
13 May 2019
Uroš Žižek – Certified DIMAQ Trainer
Previously being a digital advertising manager with hands-on approach and head of Facebook & Google department in Slovenian performance ...
13 May 2019
Luka Žnidaršič – Certified DIMAQ Trainer
Digital Marketing /E-Commerce independent consultant with 20-year practice in marketing strategies, advertising, sales and new business deve...
7 May 2019
Leszek A. Nowak – Certified DIMAQ Trainer
Digital strategist. Passionate about the internet, effectiveness and day-to-day marketer challenges. She believes that advertising can and...
7 May 2019
Anna Elwart – Certified DIMAQ Trainer
Business coach, consultant. Associated with digital marketing for 19 years. She gained her professional experience in Grupa Onet-RAS Polska,...
8 July 2018
Monika Bartold – Certified DIMAQ Trainer
A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics in the field of Management and Marketing, with the specialization in Marketing Research. She jo...
2 July 2018
Agnieszka Parfienowicz – Certified DIMAQ Trainer
Mike Wieland, exe. Master of Marketing, NDS CRM FH, is founder of two companies in new media and online-marketing, today managing director o...
28 February 2018
Mike Wieland – IAB Switzerland Recommended
Matteo Schuerch has gathered extensive experience in the European digital marketing space over the last 8 years. After starting off his care...
28 February 2018
Matteo Schürch – IAB Switzerland Recommended
Daniel Hünebeck started his digital career at walltreet:online in product development. After a 3-year break from the online business as a c...
28 February 2018
Daniel Hünebeck – IAB Switzerland Recommended
Since 1996 online first. For his clients Oliver Frank is used to analyse, centralize and streamline digital marketing campaigns across all o...
28 February 2018
Oliver Frank – IAB Switzerland Recommended
Before joining adisfaction, Martin Caduff spent seven years building up the online marketing team of a renowned web agency in Zürich. In pa...
28 February 2018
Martin Caduff – IAB Switzerland Recommended

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