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IAB Europe champions industry best practice and self-regulatory tools to increase transparency and choice for web users and is thus committed to take measures to address reasons for which users turn to ad blockers. This includes work on improving the user experience in such fora as the Coalition of Betters Ads as well as efforts at national and regional level to work with other ecosystem stakeholders on practical ways to meet consumer expectations and communicate on the value exchange made possible by online advertising.

The IAB Europe Ad Blocking Task Force (ABTF) aims to contribute to reducing EU institutional, national government, media and influencer support for ad blocker use by positioning the online advertising industry as cognisant of the causes of ad blocking and committed to addressing those causes, and by raising awareness of the potential medium- to longer- term costs for publishers, consumers and ultimately society of pervasive ad blocking.

Ad Blocking Task Force leadership:
Chair: IAB UK and IAB France

For more information please contact
Greg Mroczkowski
Watch this webinar recording to gain insight into the “Building better ad experience for users to sustain the free & open web” which...
20 March 2018
IAB Europe Webinar Recording: Google’s initiatives to support the Coalition’s Better Ads St...
Advertising helps support diverse types of free content, fearless journalism and close-knit social connections that span across the world. B...
23 March 2017
Coalition for Better Ads: Key resources on Initial Better Ads Standards
Extensive Consumer Research Defines First Set of the Most Objectionable Ad Experiences Washington, DC, Brussels, March 22, 2017 — The ...
22 March 2017
Press Release: Coalition for Better Ads Releases Initial Better Ads Standards for Desktop and M...
The study shows how many ad blockers are installed in Romania and why Romanians are avoiding certain online advertising formats.  
18 March 2017
IAB Romania: Ad Blocking in Romania
I’ll admit before I start that media research doesn’t really compare to the FBI’s X Files unit. We don’t get to investigate unsolvab...
13 March 2017
Member blog – IAB UK – Ad blocking: The truth is out there
Research project by ASSOCOM, FCP-ASSOINTERNET, FEDOWEB, GROUPM, IAB ITALIA, NETCOMM, UPA You can browse the report or download it below.
1 March 2017
Member report – IAB Italy – The State of Art of Adblocking in Italy
Tweakers is an active member of IAB Netherlands. To learn more about how IAB Netherlands has been working with other major Dutch publishers ...
22 February 2017
Tweakers: establishing the dialogue with users to tackle ad blocking and embrace new business o...
The proportion of online display advertising blocked on the desktop is continuously decreasing: in the third quarter of this year, 19.11 per...
18 November 2016
IAB Germany / BVDW: Ad Blocking continues to decline
Brussels, 1 September 2016 – IAB Europe welcomes guidance published by EU telecom regulators on Tuesday confirming that network-level ad ...
1 September 2016
BEREC say network-wide ad blocking illegal
Brussels, 24 June 2016. IAB Europe welcomes reports that Danish authorities consider that ad blocking detection does not require users’ pe...
24 June 2016
Danish authorities confirm ad blocking detection doesn’t require consent
Brussels, 23 June 2016. IAB Europe welcomes the Dutch government’s confirmation that ad blocking detection is legal, and moreover exempted...
23 June 2016
Dutch government confirms ad blocking detection is legal
IAB Europe has issued guidance to EU-based publishers on ad blocking detection following reports that such detection without the consent of ...
7 June 2016
Ad Blocking Detection Guidance

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