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Press Release: Quantcast’s Real-time Advertising Academy receives IAB Europe Endorsement

Brussels, 13 July 2017 – When it comes to education, IAB Europe takes a two-pronged approach: support and content creation. The former includes the IAB Europe Endorsement Programme which aims to support initiatives by members in the field of digital training. Deserving programmes are awarded the IAB Europe Endorsed seal, a confirmation of the high-standards of training they set in an industry which is confronted with an acute shortage of skilled professionals; an issue compounded by the rate at which the industry grows, shifts, and develops.

The latest training programme included in the IAB Europe Endorsement Programme is the Real-time Advertising Academy developed by Quantcast. Having met the criteria IAB Europe seeks in all the programmes it endorses, the Real-time Advertising Academy provides clear, concentrated, yet comprehensive coverage of the language, tools and processes of the online advertising ecosystem.

We expected no less from a training programme developed by an organization of Quantacast’s caliber. In an industry which is so starved for training on programmatic, educational projects such as the RTAA are extremely valuable, not only on a personal level – helping build the careers of the future, but from a broader, industry-wide perspective as well – offsetting the shortage of skills on the market” said Ionel Naftanaila, Business and Technology Director at IAB Europe.

The mission of Quantcast’s RTAA is to provide always-on education, through a fast-paced curriculum which introduces the fundamentals of digital advertising through a half-day interactive course followed by video modules and quizzes to test the knowledge of those enrolled.

Matt White, managing director, Quantcast EMEA commented, “In the past year we’ve supported more than 5,000 of our industry colleagues in completing the Quantcast Real Time Advertising Academy, with half of our graduates based in Europe. As the advertising sector experiences the fastest rate of innovation in its history, education and skills development are central to creating effective campaigns, ensuring brand safety, and fostering trust among consumers. We’re proud that our contribution has been recognized by the IAB and we look forward to welcoming more advertising and marketing professionals to take part in the course over the coming years.”

You can find out more about the Real-time Advertising Academy and register here

About Real-time Advertising Academy

Despite the rapid growth of programmatic, real-time advertising remains a mystery to many in media and marketing. Through working with publishers, advertisers and agencies in the past decade, Quantcast have come to realize how important always-on education is to understand the technology and platforms required to not only do our jobs well, but also develop career skills to take us to the next level.

The Real-time Advertising (RTA) Academy is an educational programme for industry professionals to understand the language, tools and processes of the online advertising ecosystem.

About IAB Europe Endorsement Programme

As a main building block in IAB Europe’s plan to support education  and  training  initiatives  in  Europe, the Endorsement Programme comes as a collaborative, easy to implement, and  high  impact  project.  Its main goal is to provide additional visibility and weight to high-quality training programmes developed by members and partners.

More information on this initiative by IAB Europe can be found here.

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