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ICEEfest boosts the interactive industry in CEE region

ICEEfest – Interactive Central and Eastern Europe Festival – is one of the largest Internet related festivals organized in the CEE and SE Europe.

More than 100 highly appreciated speakers are coming to this year edition (Bucharest, June 9&10), with Netflix giving the opening keynote. It’s the first ever presentation in Eastern Europe for the giant network that has over 81 million subscribers all over the world.

  • The Global Content Kings (CNN, BBC, Euronews) and the Internet Giants (Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Instagram and LinkedIn) are coming to ICEEfest to give us the latest updates about how to produce quality content or how to effectively deal with the social media innovations.
  • not to be missed: ICEEhealth is a satellite event at ICEEfest this year. Learn how digital is transforming healthcare at an exhilarating pace through apps, wearables, telemedicine, liquid hospitals, gamification and more.
  • Also, the festival’s VR & AR stage is one of a kind, with the participation of some great speakers and companies like HoloLens, Discovery VR, Inition and Rewind.
  • ICEEfest gathered a great setlist of eCommerce focused experts (House of Kaizen, Facebook, Google, Performics, ZOOT) and few of the most Creative Minds (Salvatore Iaconesi, Tim Last, Daniel Spicer) in the business today. And many more.
  • ICEEfest is also hosting  for the 5th year in a row the world famous IAB MIXX Awards, the only 100% digital international competition held in Romania.

Discover the full agenda on the festival’s website.

About ICEEfest:

  • launched in 2008 in Romania as a local-focused event (RoNewMedia)
  • the project evolved as a regional complex concept since 2012
  • top brands and world class agencies make up 40% of the audience and attendees range from C-level (20%) to management and executive levels (18%)
  • covers various aspects of the spectacular world of Internet, starting with content, creativity, awareness and performance marketing, tech (adtech, martech, data), apps and mobile, e-commerce and more
  • evolved further in satellite events like eHealth
  • launched it’s own e-learning platform: ICEEfest Academy

Tickets @ ICEEfest 2016 are available on the official website.


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