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Estée Lauder and NetBooster: Identifying wasted impressions and missed conversions.

Using people-based delivery and analysis, Atlas found that men represented up to one-third of campaign impressions and reach across the top four publishers, although the goal had been to target females. These off-target impressions represented the equiv- alent of 18% of spend — money that, now identified, can be re-invested on higher-performing channels in future campaigns. Ultimately, data-based audience planning demon- strated greater efficiency (cost per qualified contact) than contextual targeting Channels. The campaign’s niche publishers and RTB plat- forms were found to be more cost-effective and demographically relevant than powerful home page placements. One of these niche publishers, a well-respected fashion periodical, delivered 43% of its impressions to the key demo of women 18-34 — a more efficient ROI than the larger publishers. Audience planning via RTB delivered the highest reach among the target market, resulting in a highly efficient CPM.

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