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Meetrics White Paper: Increasing the impact of online advertising with ad attention solutions


The basic thing an advertiser wants to know is, if someone has seen their ad and if that person will buy their product. In the field of TV and print advertising, potentially attainable goals and optimisation techniques have been matured over time. In online advertising, approaches and standards are emerging to control and increase brand impact.


Different measures are implemented to increase the impact of online campaigns. One approach is to adjust the ad frequency for every user, in order to attain the most efficient advertising recall as possible. The common trend now is to verify if an ad has become viewable at all.  Adverts with at least 50% of its area that has been recognised for at least one second by the user, are counted as viewable (50/1). This definition is endorsed by the Media Rating Council and the IAB. In addition to this, further definitions of Viewability exist on the market. However, the increase of the proportion of guaranteed viewable adverts does not necessarily lead to a better advertising effect, as the minimum length of one second is no guarantee for a high impact.

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