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MIXX Awards Europe Winners 2019 – Akbank Jazz Festival | Adaptive Jazz Radio Campaign (MediaCom)


Akbank Jazz Festival | Adaptive Jazz Radio Campaign

Awards: Native Advertising (Silver)

Campaign summary
To promote Akbank Jazz Festival’s 28th anniversary and emphasize our motto, we focused on converting the city into jazz music and rovided our audience to location-based audio experience with using geo-fencing technology. 

1. Objectives and Strategy
The most perennial jazz event in Turkey, Akbank Jazz Festival celebrated its 28th anniversary. In accordance with festival’s longstanding motto; ‘’Jazz State of the City’’, we developed an ‘’audio content’’ project which’s not only limited to concert areas.

2. Execution and Media
We collaborated with Turkey’s most listened online radio platform Karnaval and created a smart content sponsorship on jazz channel called JoyJazz closely followed by jazz lovers. Instead of linear radio broadcasting, we decided on creating a location-based experience for Jazz Lovers.

3. Creative
Research on neighborhoods of İstanbul and exquisite jazz stories led the project to focus on location-based podcast experience. Famous jazz pianist Kerem Görsev prepared compositions for 12 districts stand out from Istanbul’s jazz history. 

4. Innovation
We presented our content with Geo-fencing technology befitting the motto of the festival. When the audience arrived at one of the 12 districts, they listened to the jazz podcast particularly produced and presented by JoyJazz announcer Barış Selimoğlu and Kerem Görsev for Akbank Jazz Festival branding.

5. Results
58,000 jazz lovers listened to our contents at related districts. With Karnaval App and social media, we reached 1.2 million people. Through the website and mobile app, Akbank Sanat brand users provided 4.5 million impressions in total. Thus, instead of linear radio broadcasting, we provided location-based experience.


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