MIXX Awards Europe

MIXX Awards Europe Winners 2019 – BMW 4 Series Addressable TV (Borusan Otomotiv – BMW)

Borusan Otomotiv – BMW

BMW 4 Series Addressable TV

Awards: Programmatic Advertising (Silver)

Campaign summary
We run a data-oriented Programmatic Addressable TV campaign through HBBTV protocol. With the help of cross device technology it is supported with retargeting strategies through social media and web channels.
All creatives were actionable and user was able to engage with creative with TV’s remote control and expand creative to designed microsite and able to fill the form. All forms feed CRM system directly with the API connection between microsite and CRM.
Campaign used digital data sources such as website visitors, campaign clickers as a benefit of DSP’s cross device technology, and also used DSP’s targeting options such as city, frequency, time, creative targeting options and also optimized the campaign based on all possible variables and generated as much as possible forms. Also campaign optimized based on offline quality of each forms.
As a result, we aim to have a data-oriented, real time actionable and optimizable TV campaign and we designed campaign strategy according to our aim and had a very successful campaign with more than 800 forms generated through smart TV devices.

  1. Objectives and Strategy
    Objective; Having a data-oriented and optimizable performance campaign through TV advertising with a maximum reach and form generation.
    And set our strategy accordingly;
    • Decided to use Addressable TV technology which is available through HBBTV protocol in Turkey.
    • Selected TV channels which are compliant with Programmatic Addressable TV advertising.
    • Designed data-oriented strategy with cross device technology and decided to target our website visitors and digital campaign clickers.
    • Also set some retargeting strategies with cross device technology for the TV campaign engagers to retarget with different scenarios, such as TV to Web, TV to mobile, TV to Social. And landed those users to special landing page of BMW 4 Series.
    • In the meantime, designed our creatives as actionable and created a microsite so that users can fill the form.
    • Campaign designed to report and optimize every single detail on real time, based on all possible variables through DSP.
  2. Execution and Media
    Campaign used most Premium 3 TV Channels, TV8, KanalD, CNNTurk, of Turkey and targeted devices which are Smart TV, connected to internet and running on listed TV Channels. Total available audience reach was around 4M unique household.
    Campaign execution, cross device technology management, tracking and buying is done through Adform DSP technology.
    First party data management and activation is done through Adform DMP technology.
  3. Creative
    2 sets of L shaped static creatives designed to run on rotation and optimize based on performance.Also a microsite designed to activate after on user engagement with TV’s remote control. It contains information, images and also contact form to let users to fill in. Contact form integrated with CRM system and feeds the CRM system through API connection.
  4. Innovation
    Innovative and most important assets of campaign;
    • Data oriented Addressable TV advertising through Programmatic Platforms
    • Digital data usage, retargeting and reporting with Adform’s probabilistic Cross Device technology. Example outcome strategies;
    o Website visitors and digital campaign clickers retargeting on Addressable TV
    o TV campaign engagers’ retargeting on web environment.
    o TV campaign engagers’ website visits reporting through other devices
    • Real time reporting and actionability of the campaign based on various variables like City, TV Program, Data, Time, Viewability, Creative.
    • Performance oriented and actionable campaign through TV devices
    • Seamless integration flow from end user’s TV device to call center.5. Results
    4.8 M ad impression
    1.8 M unique household reach
    80k click to L banner
    %95 viewability measurement based on MRC standards
    883 filled forms
    265 requests to visit BMW dealers
    %63 higher conversion rate once compared to BMW 4 Series digital campaigns.

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