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MIXX Awards Europe Winners 2019 – Rennovative Megane Sedan Test Drive Campaign (Wavemaker Turkey)

Wavemaker Turkey


Awards: Direct Response / Lead Generation Campaign (Silver)

Campaign summary
In an environment of changing consumer expectations and trends, we designed an instant way to book a test drive, that increases brand scores in this tech-smart, creative campaign. As we learned from consumer journey the most important target for automotive sector is leading potential customers to test drive. However, the hurry of modern life makes it harder. Therefore; we aimed to increase Renault Megane Sedan awareness and differentiate from other brands by changing classical test drive experience.
We included Renault Megane Sedan as a purchase category in ‘Getir’ which is an instant purchase app and created the world’s fastest test drive opportunity. With 30 cars and drivers located in top 30 interest&purchase rate locations of ‘Getir’, tapping on ‘Megane Sedan’ was all the users had to do to get test drive.
In teaser period, Getir sent push notifications to test Megane Sedan, helping us to gain 100 test drives without any media investment. At the launch, we invested on this project with digital media to keep it alive. We were organically the trending topic on Twitter within 20 minutes. Within a month, 519 test drives were actualized which was 10x more compared to all test drives of dealers in Istanbul.

1. Objectives and Strategy
From the Purchase Journey Analysis, we know that test drive is the last and most crucial step that triggers sales in automotive category, therefore Test Drive is the main KPI of our communication strategies.
The main barrier to taking a test drive is often time. So we made sure that this was no longer a problem. We partnered with Getir, an online delivery mobile app, to make the world’s fastest and most convenient test drive experience ever.

2. Execution and Media
We built up a partnership with Getir; instant delivery mobile application, where you can get book a Megane Sedan test drive, at any time, to anywhere in İstanbul, in just 10 minutes.
All the user needed to do was to tap on to the Megane Sedan category on Getir mobile application and experience the actual test drive.
In order to monitor the progress in real-time, we have started our partnership with a 3 day teaser period and a launch period. In teaser period, we had no media investments. In the day of launch, real-time content follow-up was held in order to make necessary optimizations on social media, search strategy and test drives. After the launch, automobile influencers also experienced real-time test drives in order to increase buzz and this was shared through social media to ehhance the reach of the campaign.

3. Creative
The creative idea was delivering the instant test drive, itself. So Getir, was the only touchpoint that could deliver this experience as it is an instant delivery app.

4. Innovation
This idea is the future of test drive which is the main KPI and also main challange of automotive sector. There is a great reluctancy to go to Showrooms and make a test drive under heavy traffic in big cities. Thus; the average monthly rate of test drives of Megane Sedan considering all over Turkey (80 cities) was 100 test drives; whereas together with Getir partnership this was the daily number realised only in Istanbul. As a consumer you just click on a button of your cell phone and test drive opportunity comes to your home in 10 minutes with a dedicated assistant with a deep knowledge of product where you can ask all of your questions and get instant answer. That’s the “Rennovative” way of test drive.

5. Results
On the 3rd day of soft launch, 100 test drives by real consumers were realized with no media investment.
On the launch day, with the power of real time content monitoring and creation we entered trending topic list organically within first 20 minutes and got 6 million reach.
We also gained organic PR coverage which led to 161% increase in our positive brand perception.
In 30 day period, 500 test drives were delivered with 74% positive comments.
With this project we did not only drove 10x higher business KPIs with a groundbreaking approach but we also changed consumers expectation from a test drive by our ‘Rennovative’ strategic approach.


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