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AppNexus and eBay Kleinanzeigen: From the classic waterfall model to pre-bid

eBay Kleinanzeigen, Germany’s largest classified ads marketplace and subsidiary of the global online marketplace eBay, has been renowned as a pioneer in the programmatic advertising space since 2012.

So when header bidding, a method also known as pre-bid, emerged as the latest in programmatic technology, eBay Kleinanzeigen recognized the opportunity to both secure their place in the evolving advertising landscape and increase revenue. Header bidding enables publishers to manage yield at the impression level by moving the valuation process ahead of the call to the publisher’s ad server.

Looking to ensure complete transparency and control for long term success, eBay Kleinanzeigen sought an agile and complete technology solution. They decided upon prebid.js, the independent, open source wrapper supported by AppNexus.

Click the document below to download the case study.


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