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Xaxis and Tiffany & Co.: Using Programmatic Direct Buy (PDB) to Drive Better Advertising Performance

Programmatic buying has become a hot topic for digital advertisers in China. When we talk about programmatic buying, the first thing which comes to mind may be auction based real-time bidding (RTB), and it may sometimes associated with the perception of low quality inventory together with the uncertainty on price and volume. Fueled by these perceptions, brands from the luxury category still hesitate from trying programmatic buy given the strong concern on their brand protection as well as media quality.

While it is interesting to see the strong growth of non-RTB buying, it is also exciting to learn that such non RTB buying could be a potential way out for Luxury Brand to embrace the benefit of programmatic buying in terms of better target audience reach and more customized digital strategy. With this context, MEC and Xaxis came up with a pioneering luxury programmatic strategy for Tiffany to improve its OTV advertising effectiveness, utilizing alternative programmatic buying methods called Programmatic Direct Buy (PDB).

Download the case study below.


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