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Publicitas, Kantar Millward Brown and Honor: The Format Effect Series – The Influence of Advertising Formats on Consumer Emotions and Brand Reaction

In today’s digital world, interaction and engagement with advertising is key to marketers, consumers however are becoming more selective about the information they read and less tolerant of intrusive advertising. To encourage participation with advertising digital marketers are looking to interactive and creative advertising formats, but do these work? With this in mind, Publicitas, in partnership with market research leader, Kantar Millward Brown, and Honor, the mobile phone brand, have compared consumers’ reactions between mobile and video advertising formats1.

The Format Effect Series, carried out by Publicitas, is the first global research programme of its kind offering a global view on the emotional connection that mobile and video ad formats have with consumers. The Format Effect Part I, focused on mobile advertising formats and consumers’ emotional engagement with these formats. The results of part one were released on the 28th September and today marks the launch of The Format Effect Part II – Video, alongside the complete combined white paper, The Format Effect Series.

The white paper as well as infographics for both the mobile and video sections of the study are available on the Publicitas website.

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