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Tommy Hilfiger: Online to offline: Atlas links digital campaign to in-store sales

As part of Tommy Hilfiger’s online strategy, Atlas delivered cross-device ads via post-impression retargeting. Atlas was then able to characterize which devices consumers used to view the company’s ads prior to making their in-store pur- chase. This insight was enabled by Atlas’ ability to measure impressions across devices, whether desktop or mobile: Consumers reached solely through mobile devices were almost as likely to purchase as those reached through desk- top alone. However, both channels were far more effective when experienced in tandem as part of the sequential mes- saging strategy: consumers reached on both desktop and mobile devices made purchases at more than twice the rate of those reached on only one device type. Additionally, Atlas’ unique ability to tie offline retail purchases to online ad exposure proved invaluable. We compared sample CRM data sourced from Tommy Hilfiger’s “Hilfiger Club” subscribers in Germany with impressions and clicks generated by campaigns run through Atlas to determine overlap between the campaign’s online audience and the in-store purchase data provided by the company.

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