INAMA (IAB Croatia)

IAB National, Croatia


INAMA is the official representative of IAB Europe in Croatia.
INAMA’s mission is to help development of the interactive marketing communication market in Croatia.
INAMA is a non-profit, non-government organization dedicated to interactive marketing and founded with the objective of helping the development of interactive marketing communication in Croatia by offering stimulation and guidance for the industry.
INAMA is a forum made up of professionals in interactive marketing, lecturers and every other interested party involved in interactive marketing communication. The common goal is to exchange ideas and information that will help define and develop the growing interactive marketing market and its disciplines.
Initiated by the industry, through alliance and with standards, research, consulting and education, Inama helps its members and the industry as a whole.
Our main goal is to support interactive marketing communication companies by offering them a place to meet and the chance to speak with a collective voice. Members can exchange information and network with other companies who may in turn be able to help them in their own businesses.
Some other objectives:

  • Promote and improve the image of interactive marketing, digital communication and other online and ‘new tech’ initiatives
  • Educate our members to increase skills and knowledge across the industry
  • Offer a forum for best practices to support industry growth
  • Link with other organizations, both national and international
  • Be a collective voice for the industry
  • Become  the primary representative of the interactive marketing industry to the media
  • Increase money spent on interactive marketing initiatives
  • Organize the industry to set standards and guidelines to provide support for investment in interactive marketing communication
  • Support and encourage research
  • Organize events that promote interactive marketing communication

Special Projects

  • A programme of seminars and publications to support the education of members, marketing agencies and advertisers
  • Investing in research related to understand better the interactive marketing communication industry
  • Proposing standards to serve the interactive marketing communication industry, marketing agencies and advertisers
  • Co-operation with similar organizations in Croatia and across the world
  • Promoting effectiveness and efficiency of interactive marketing communication industry
  • Promoting and rewarding high quality work


President – Igor Poznic
Vice President – Vedran Gulin
Vice President – Jan Jilek


Jan Jilek


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