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Introduction to Programmatic Advertising Course

The IAB Europe Introduction to Programmatic Advertising Course is the first in a series of training programmes developed by IAB Europe under the guidance of its Education and Training Committee and with input from its Programmatic Trading Committee. It is designed as an in-class course and is currently not available online. The Education Programme that IAB Europe is currently developing is the cornerstone of its mission to support training the next generation of professionals in the online advertising industry, one that is far too often confronted with a shortage of specific skills-sets.

The Introduction to Programmatic Advertising Course is designed to be an introduction to programmatic advertising for Publishers, Agencies and Advertisers. It serves to explain what programmatic advertising is, why it is growing and how it can be used. It builds upon and leverages the work of the IAB Europe Programmatic Trading Committee and the IAB Europe Research Committee, and includes research into market drivers, pan-European market sizing, and our flagship report the AdEx Benchmark (all available in our Resources section here).





Course content:

1. Tutor introduction & warm up exercise
2. Setting the context: A brief history of digital marketing
3. Why it matters: The rise and rise of programmatic
4. Overview: What it is and how it works
5. How to get started: Business readiness and programmatic models
6. Key industry themes for the year ahead
7. Exercise: Rocket science, algorithms and AI

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand key market drivers for programmatic advertising
  • Define programmatic advertising in the context of their business and market
  • Understand and correctly use key programmatic terms (DSP, DMP, SSP etc)
  • Identify some of the major programmatic providers and correctly position them within the industry ‘ ecosystem’
  • Understand the various programmatic models that exist for their business
  • Show awareness of current industry trends including future challenges and opportunities
  • Explain to colleagues and stakeholders why (or why not) programmatic advertising is important to their business in the year ahead

A sample of the deck and teacher’s notes can be downloaded below.

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