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Press release: Google Digital Workshop adds three new modules, renews IAB Europe Endorsement

Brussels, 02 February 2018 – 2015 saw IAB Europe endorsing the ​Google Digital Workshop​. Designed as a one-stop shop for mastering digital marketing, the programme developed by Google is an exhaustive take on digital training, covering 26 topics (as of last year) and culminating in the Digital Workshop certificate of ​The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing​ .

With three new modules added in 2017 (​Plan your online business strategy​, ​Get started with content marketing​, and ​Turn data into insights​), Google sought and received a renewed endorsement from IAB Europe. The IAB Europe Endorsement aims to give recognition to those programmes which meet a series of criteria – chief of which are brand-neutrality (where applicable) as well as accuracy and thoroughness of topic covered. These programmes are awarded the coveted “IAB Europe Endorsed” seal, a confirmation of the high-standards of training they set and concrete contribution they bring to the industry.

“​We are delighted to have renewed the Endorsement for Google Digital Workshop, one of the flagship digital training programmes currently available for professionals, business owners, and digital enthusiasts seeking a career in online. Training initiatives such as this are particularly vital during this period of flux for the industry, when seasoned vets and newcomers alike need to keep abreast of the developments and breakthroughs in all areas connected to digital. Programmes such as Google’s Digital Workshop are not only making great strides in offsetting the digital skill shortage the market is currently facing, they are building the future of the industry​” said Townsend Feehan, CEO, IAB Europe.

The integrated approach taken by Google in building its Digital Workshop is where the strength of the programme lies. Each of the aforementioned 26 topics comes with several lessons and completing them all results in a certification bound to add value to any CV poised to take the next generation of digital industry experts by storm. All this content is supplemented by bonus materials, coaching and live training sessions.

Opening up the opportunity of digital technology for everyone is at the heart of Google’s work. In Europe, and now in the Middle East and Africa, we’ve been working with partners to help everyone, whether in work, studying or unemployed, to grow their skills, careers, and businesses through Google’s training, tailored to each country. We are proud to have trained 4M people through our Digital Workshop program in 53 countries in the region – and are delighted to have IAB Europe recognise and endorse our efforts”, said Matt Brittin, Google EMEA President.

About – Google Digital Workshop

Google Digital Workshop provides free digital skills training courses, tools and in-person coaching to help people get the right skills to find a job, advance their career or grow their business. It offers flexible and personalised learning plans and provides a certificate endorsed by IAB Europe upon the digital marketing course completion to help graduates boost their LinkedIn profile and CV.

You can find out more about the Google Digital Workshop ​here​.

About the IAB Europe Endorsement Programme

As a main building block in IAB Europe’s plan to support education and training initiatives in Europe, the Endorsement Programme comes as a collaborative, easy to implement, and high impact project. Its main goal is to provide additional visibility and weight to high-quality training programmes developed by members and partners.

More information on this initiative by IAB Europe can be found ​here​.

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