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Research report: The economic contribution of online advertising in Europe

IHS Markit updated its analysis of the economic contribution that digital advertising as a whole makes to the EU. This provides important context for the analysis of data-driven advertising’s value. This analysis used publicly available data, including Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employment data. It includes digital advertising’s direct contribution through Gross Value Added, as well as its indirect, induced and wider effects. IHS Markit identified the contribution that digital advertising makes to revenue growth for advertisers, and also explored how different digital industries depend on advertising.

Key findings include:

  • Digital advertising is the single largest advertising medium in Europe, representing 37.2% of all advertising revenue
  • In total, digital advertising adds €526 billion to the EU economy each year
  • 6 million jobs in the EU are supported in some form by digital advertising
  • Automation and the use of data in advertising is growing the number and diversity of the jobs it provides
  • Online advertising represents 81.5% of publisher revenues in the EU, and 51.9% of the revenues for online video platforms
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