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IAB Europe GIG: Working Paper on Controller – Processor Criteria

This working paper on controller and processor definitions has been prepared by the members of the IAB Europe GDPR Implementation Group under the leadership of Alan Chapell, of Chapell & Associates. The purpose of this paper is to aid companies in the online advertising ecosystem to understand the definitions of controllers and processors under the GDPR, and to provide some criteria by which they can help understand what their respective role is in relation to their partners.

This is the fifth in a series of working papers published by IAB Europe’s GDPR Implementation Group. IAB Europe’s GDPR Implementation Group brings together leading experts from across the digital advertising industry to discuss the European Union’s new data protection law, share best practices, and agree on common interpretations and industry positioning on the most important issues for the digital advertising sector. The GDPR Implementation Working Group is a member-driven forum for discussion and thought leadership, its important contribution to the digital advertising industry’s GDPR compliance efforts is only possible thanks to the work and leadership of its many participating members.

The working paper can be read or downloaded HERE.

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