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IAB Europe Study: AdEx Benchmark H1 2017 – online advertising continues double-digit growth

The AdEx Benchmark H1 2017 Study published by IAB Europe in collaboration with IHS Markit, reveals that online advertising grew 11.5% to €22.2bn for the first half of 2017 from €20.2bn in H1 2016.

The Study also shows that nearly all growth in online ad spend was on mobile; mobile display grew by 45.9% as desktop display shrank by 1.4%. Total mobile also outpaced all other formats with a growth rate of 41.4% to a value of €7bn, compared to search which grew by 12.8%.

Online video grew 3.2x faster than non-video display reaching €1.7bn in H1 2017 which accounts for 20% of total display spend suggesting that digital is becoming a key channel for brand advertising campaigns. The latest European Programmatic Market Sizing Report published by IAB Europe and IHS Markit demonstrates that video is also a key driver for programmatic ad spend with a 155% growth rate.

Display advertising growth continues to outpace search[1]; display grew by 13.1% and search by 12.8%. Display reached over €8bn in H1 2017 representing 37% of total online advertising whilst search accounted for 48%.  Display advertising continues to experience strong growth in Central and Eastern Europe; in H1 2017 it grew by 16% compared to 12.6% in Western Europe. Indeed, the CEE region helped to drive the overall growth with an increase of 15.9% whilst the more mature markets in Western Europe experienced a growth of 10.9%.

1 Paid-for-search

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