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IAB Ireland & Nielsen report: Video on Demand (VOD) viewing is entrenched in the market

3 in 4 Irish Adults (16 +) have viewed VOD in the first 6 months

63% of VOD viewers watched when “out & about” compared to just 47% last year

Advertising acceptance in & around VOD content is rising amongst  medium/heavy users – up from 48% to 54%

29th June 2016. The Power of VOD 3 was launched today at IAB Video Connect 2016 at Chartered Accountants House in Dublin. This is Wave 3 of IAB Ireland’s research, conducted by Nielsen looking at the reach and profile of VOD users, the trends emerging in VOD consumption, time spent viewing and reactions to advertising.

The second wave was conducted last year in 2015, and Wave 3 builds on those insights.

The key findings of the research are:

  • Just under 3 in 4 Irish Adults (16+) viewed VOD in the last 6 months, slightly higher than this time last year
  • 1 in 3 are viewing VOD content on a daily basis, with this figure increasing to 1 in 2 for 16-24 year olds
  • Use of portable devices, smartphones and tablets, to view VOD has risen over the past year across all demographics and all content types
  • 63% of VOD viewers watched when “out & about” compared to just 47% last year
  • Long form (over 10 mins) professional content continues to have the greatest reach, but all demographics are watching a wide variety of content across short vs long form and professional vs user generated.
  • Advertising acceptance in & around VOD content is rising amongst medium/heavy users – up from 48% to 54%

IAB’s Power of VOD 3 research, demonstrates that Irish consumers strong engagement with VOD continues to accelerate in 2016. It is not surprising that brands are increasingly harnessing the power of VOD in their advertising campaigns’ said Maeve O’Meara, Marketing Manager, IAB Ireland.

Notes: By VOD, we mean streamed, downloaded video content online on any device such as tablet, smartphone, desktop, smartTV, games console.    Both professionally produced and user-generated video content is included, whatever the length of the video.

Full copy of the research will be available to view at www.iabireland.ie

For more, contact Maeve O’Meara, 086 8522291 or email Maeve O’Meara.

Click the button on the bottom of the page to download the research.

About the Study: 

The first wave of this online survey was conducted by Nielsen in September 2014, and presented to the industry in early December.

The second wave took place in March 2015, and comprised of two phases:

  1. A population representative sample of 796 Adults 16+ to measure the reach & profile of VOD viewers in the country
  2. A sample* of 1,021 Adults 16+ who are VOD viewers to understand their VOD behaviour in the last 6 months, and to identify any trend changes vs. the previous wave conducted in September 2014 [Wave 1 = W1]

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