Member report: NEWBASE – Marketing Priorities 2017

In a rapidly changing media world, as marketers, we need to keep up with what is going on around us, track consumer behaviour and technology developments, and watch where the advertising dollars are moving. It is also essential that we understand the priorities of brand marketers, agencies and publishers alike, and build our marketing strategies accordingly. However, in such a dynamic environment, marketers often shelve ‘priorities of the moment’ as quickly as they move on to focus on new industry issues. This is particularly evident in the Marketing Priorities 2017 results. In the last 12 months, the media and marketing landscape has witnessed significant disruption. Marketers are striving to discover new and innovative ways to engage with consumers and address the challenges created by ad blocking, brand safety issues, fake news and ad fraud. 2017 has already been labelled a ‘year of change’ by some marketers, also a year of greater collaboration and increased transparency, and a year to focus on trust – trusted tech suppliers, trusted advertising environments and trusted data.

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