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The Consumer Barometer tool

The Consumer Barometer is available with up-to-date digital consumer insights across 56 countries. Google has collaborated with IAB Europe, TNS and Hive for the 2015 version of the tool. Anyone can use the free tool to create and download customised data and market-specific information. These can help users discover anything from: how often people go online, to how many connected devices they may have, how people research and purchase online, the influence of online video on their shopping habits or the differences between generations and their online behaviour.

The tool can be accessed here.

An example of the data points available in the tool:

  • 81% of European internet users go online daily
  • 82% of European internet users say the internet is the first place they look for information
  • 61% of people in Europe us a smartphone
  • 51% of European internet who use a connected device while watching TV, 52% use a smartphone
  • The top three online tasks done using a smartphone are using search engines, checking email and social networking.
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