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Latest AdEx Benchmark Report Details strong Mobile Advertising Growth in 27 markets across Europe

Brussels, 28 June 2017 IAB Europe, in collaboration with IHS Markit, has today published the AdEx Benchmark 2017 Report – the definitive guide to the state of the European digital advertising market.  The report, now in its twelfth year, reveals the key milestones contributing to this year’s market value of €48bn and the eighth consecutive year of double-digit growth.

The report provides a comprehensive perspective of digital advertising spend across Europe which is essential in benchmarking market development trends, the increasingly pan-regional nature of digital advertising investments and the role of Europe’s digital economy in a global context, attracting global start-up funding and European policy formulation.

The report is based on a study1 of twenty-seven markets in Europe. Twenty of these grew double-digit. Core to this growth is mobile where all markets experienced double-digit growth. For the first time, the report includes data on social ad spend and splits video by in-stream and out-stream revealing that video and social are also key growth drivers underpinned by creative innovation allowing more seamless integration of ad formats into media content.

Top 10 Rankings – year-on-year growth

  1. Belarus – 33.9%
  2. Serbia – 23.7%
  3. Russia – 21.9%
  4. Czech Republic – 18.7%
  5. Slovenia – 18.4%
  6. Sweden – 18.4%
  7. Hungary – 16.7%
  8. Norway – 16.6%
  9. Romania – 16.1%
  10. Turkey – 15.6%

Top 10 Rankings – mobile growth

  1. Belarus – 146.8%
  2. Czech Republic – 96.5%
  3. Serbia – 84.3%
  4. Turkey – 82.2%
  5. Russia – 52.1%
  6. Slovakia – 51.9%
  7. Croatia – 45.4%
  8. Bulgaria – 41.1%
  9. Sweden – 39.9%
  10. Italy – 39.2%

Townsend Feehan, CEO of IAB Europe said, The latest AdEx Benchmark Report confirms digital advertising’s role in underpinning the delivery of digital content and consumer experiences. With GDPR now a reality, the industry is at a crossroads and it must strive to improve on consumer expectations and maximise the contribution that digital advertising makes to the European economy”.

Daniel Knapp, Executive Director TMT at IHS Markit, said “Social, mobile, video and search were the growth drivers behind digital advertising in Europe in 2017. They stand for the power of connection, location, emotion and path to purchase that make digital advertising so versatile and indispensable for today’s brands.”

The report incorporates data from the following online advertising formats:

  • Display
  • Paid-for-search
  • Classifieds and Directories

Additional segmentations are:

  • Video (In-Stream and Out-Stream)
  • Mobile (Display and Search)

The report treats video and mobile display as subsets of display, and mobile search as a subset of search.

The report can be accessed here

A webinar providing insight and comment from industry leaders on the results will take place on 3 July 15.00 CEST / 14.00 BST. Register here.

For more information, please contact:
Alison Fennah, IAB Europe (fennah@iabeurope.eu)
Marie-Clare Puffett, IAB Europe (puffett@iabeurope.eu)

About IAB Europe

IAB Europe is the leading European-level industry association for the digital advertising ecosystem. Its mission is to promote the development of this innovative sector and ensure its sustainability by shaping the regulatory environment, demonstrating the value digital advertising brings to Europe’s economy, to consumers and to the market, and developing and facilitating the uptake of harmonised business practices that take account of changing user expectations and enable digital brand advertising to scale in Europe.

1 About the AdEx Benchmark study

The data has been compiled by IAB Europe based on information provided by the national IAB offices around Europe. It is then processed and analysed by IHS Markit. The report includes market size and value information for 2017 for the following markets: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Romania, Russia, Spain, Slovakia, Serbia, Turkey, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. The data represents the calendar year 2017 January- December. This is the twelfth AdEx Benchmark study which began in the calendar year 2006.

Display includes PC-based and mobile banners, rich media and video formats.

See further explanatory note on data below.

About IHS Markit Technology, Media & Telecom’s Advertising Intelligence Service

IHS Markit Advertising Intelligence Service provides its clients with a holistic and global view of a rapidly evolving advertising and marketing landscape. Developed and maintained by a team of expert analysts, it offers accurate, continuously updated market data, forecasts and reports that give our clients deep perspective on a dynamic advertising market. As the only global product that offers the same detail and scope for both established and emerging media we provide a unique, independent and objective view.

About IHS Markit (www.ihsmarkit.com)

IHS Markit (Nasdaq: INFO) is a world leader in critical information, analytics and solutions for the major industries and markets that drive economies worldwide. The company delivers next-generation information, analytics and solutions to customers in business, finance and government, improving their operational efficiency and providing deep insights that lead to well-informed, confident decisions. IHS Markit has more than 50,000 key business and government customers, including 85 percent of the Fortune Global 500 and the world’s leading financial institutions.  Headquartered in London, IHS Markit is committed to sustainable, profitable growth.

IHS Markit is a registered trademark of IHS Markit Ltd. All other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners © 2017 IHS Markit Ltd. All rights reserved.

Explanatory note on IAB Europe/IHS Markit AdEx Benchmark figures

Each national IAB in Europe runs its own annual online advertising spending study and the IAB Europe AdEx Benchmark figures are based on these studies. As the methodology of the studies varies country by country, IAB Europe and IHS Markit have defined methodology rules to represent the figures in such a way as to make them realistically comparable. This involves:

  • Readjusting local figures to allow for harmonised representation. Readjustment rates are supplied by groups of local market experts
  • Estimating/harmonising ad spend data for certain formats or segments in certain countries where local IAB studies do not include data or the definition or scope of a format is substantially different from IAB Europe standardised segments
  • Where local data is collected in a currency other than Euros, the average exchange rate in 2017 has been used to convert this to Euros. To provide data for prior year growth rates, the prior year figures have also been re-calculated using a constant exchange rate in order eliminate currency effects.
  • AdEx Benchmark focuses on four normalised segments: ‘Display’ (including mobile display, rich media and video), ‘classifieds and directories’, ‘paid search’ and ‘other’ (including email but excluding email marketing).
  • Figures quoted are gross figures (i.e. net invoiced value of the media, plus agency commission if any).

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