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Top 5 reasons to be a member

Position your company as a digital leader

Promote your company to our pan-European audience through our conferences, webinars and seminars, educational briefings, white papers, best practice libraries, research publications, digital communications and media outreach programme and partner initiatives.

Drive investment in digital advertising

Collaborate with other industry experts in our committees and task forces to shape business standards, develop market-making research and educate the market.

Protect your interests

Shape the development of EU rules and their implementation into national law to avoid differing local approaches. Meet and educate policymakers, providing the knowledge about complex technology topics and real-world business that needs to inform regulation, and get the opportunity to meet with senior-level EU decision-makers.

Access our knowledge hub

Consult our regulatory one-stop-shop for information about latest legislative developments. Visit our knowledge bank to access definitive guides to digital advertising spend, programmatic, mobile, ad effectiveness, measurement, viewability, video, cross-device and ad formats.

Grow your network

Network with professionals across Europe via our member meetings and events such as Interact, the IAB Europe Research Awards and MIXX Awards Europe. Meet the national IABs and learn about developments in local markets.

N.B: Please note that IAB Europe membership does not include membership of the national IABs. Both memberships offer complementary benefits to your company.

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