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Winners announced for Europe’s Top Digital Advertising & Research Awards at annual IAB Europe Interact conference

Warsaw, 5 June 2019 – IAB Europe, the leading European-level industry association for the digital advertising ecosystem, is delighted to announce the winners of their prestigious MIXX Awards Europe and IAB Europe Research Awards. The annual award competitions showcase the very best of digital advertising from across Europe and the winners were announced at IAB Europe’s annual Interact conference in Warsaw, Poland on 4 June.

The 2019 MIXX Awards winning companies include: Mindshare Poland, Havas Denmark, Initiative, Reprise, Mindshare Turkey, LDV United, MediaCom Switzerland, Hype and OMD.

The 2019 Research Awards winning companies include: MeMo², Annalect, Gemius SA, Havas Media, Kantar and Teads.

The full MIXX Awards Europe winners can be viewed here and the full IAB Europe Research Awards winners can be viewed here.

The MIXX Awards Europe recognise and celebrate the best digital advertising campaigns in Europe. Chaired by Anna Lubowska, Independent Business Consultant and Supervisory Boards Member, the MIXX Awards Europe has 13 categories which were reviewed by a jury of leading industry experts. More information about the MIXX Awards Europe jury members can be found here.

Anna Lubowska, Chair of the Jury said: “Today marketers have a range of channels in which they can reach their target audiences. This brings with it challenges on deciding where to allocate advertising budgets. Celebrating the latest and greatest work, the MIXX Awards Europe highlight why digital is a necessary channel for all campaigns. The competition recognises these campaigns and the teams behind them achieving excellence in digital marketing. Winning a MIXX Awards Europe prize puts victors in the marketing spotlight.”

The IAB Europe Research Awards recognise and showcase great European digital research projects and the contribution they have made to the development of the digital advertising industry. There are 8 categories including Consumer Attitudes & Behaviour and Research & Data Innovation. The Jury was chaired by Rene Lamsfuss, Chief Analytics Officer at Publicis Media DACH. More information about the Research Awards jury members can be found here.

Rene Lamsfuss, Chair of the Jury said: “The IAB Europe Research Awards have celebrated and showcased excellence in digital advertising research from across Europe for nearly ten years. Winning a Research Award is an industry recognised achievement and I am pleased to have been able to review the breadth and depth of submissions this year.”

The winners were announced at IAB Europe’s flagship digital advertising conference ‘Interact 2019’. The Grand Prix winners of the MIXX Awards (LDV United) and the Research Awards (MeMo²) will both present their winning projects during the second day of the Interact conference on Wednesday, 5 June, where over 600 Industry leaders from across Europe’s digital advertising ecosystem, including advertisers, publishers, agencies and technology companies attended.


Notes to editors

  • The MIXX Awards Europe and IAB Europe Research Awards 2019 are two separate competitions run by IAB Europe each year
  • More information about the awards, jury members and conference is available here: interactcongress.eu

About IAB Europe:

IAB Europe is the leading European-level industry association for the digital advertising ecosystem. Its mission is to promote the development of this innovative sector and ensure its sustainability by shaping the regulatory environment, demonstrating the value digital advertising brings to Europe’s economy, to consumers and to the market, and developing and facilitating the uptake of harmonised business practices that take account of changing user expectations and enable digital brand advertising to scale in Europe.

Media contact: 

Marie-Clare Puffett, Business Programmes Manager, IAB Europe – puffett@iabeurope.eu

Helen Mussard, Marketing & Business Strategy Director, IAB Europe – mussard@iabeurope.eu


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