IAB Europe Ad Marker Implementation Guidelines for Video

This document covers the use of the Ad Marker in Europe for companies to provide enhanced transparency and control over Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) to users in video advertising environments, in support of the European Self-Regulatory Principles for OBA. This document is complementary to the Technical Specifications for implementing the IAB Europe OBA Framework and EASA BPR (Technical Specifications). Its purpose is to set out guidelines for the implementation of the Application of Self-Regulatory Principles in video players.

Advertising in a video player, be it on a desktop or a mobile device presents distinctive technical challenges as compared to the more traditional browser-delivered advertisement, which in turn translate to specific challenges related to providing enhanced notice and choice for ads delivered in such environments. Due to these technical issues, the Technical Specifications, when laid out initially by IAB Europe and adopted by the EDAA, did not describe how enhanced notice and choice should be provided in video advertising scenarios.

Currently the state of technology and widely-adopted industry standards has evolved significantly; these Guidelines have been developed, therefore, to support companies to give users access to the same insight into, and control over video advertising as they enjoy in the more traditional desktop environment.

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