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IAB Europe Research Awards 2019 – #TrueSingleSource: gemiusPostBuy&AdReal (Gemius SA)

#TrueSingleSource: gemiusPostBuy&AdReal

Gemius SA

Awards: Audience Measurement (Winner)

Project summary
Marketers strive to find one unified solution to measure their net reach in a complex cross-media world of today. Gemius’ wishing to meet the market needs, introduces a comprehensive 360 analysis service comprising two complementary products. The brand-new tool, gemiusPostBuy is able to deliver in-depth analyses on marketers’ own tagged & non-tagged campaigns. The harmonizing element is the renowned gemiusAdReal study, recognized by the IAB in 2017, enabling all market participants to benchmark their activities against both: their competitors and the market sector itself. The study has since been updated and as of 2019 both, gemiusAdReal and gemiusPostBuy use the Gemius’ unique true single-source panel passively collecting data on media and ad consumption from digital and traditional media like TV and radio, with no other intermediaries necessary. Both tools directly complement each other simultaneously giving a broad spectrum of analysis possibilities, and thanks to Gemius’ original technology they allow for a peak into the walled gardens of large Media Owners such as Alphabet or Facebook and offer a full in-home and out-of-home coverage. 

1. Objective(s)
The contemporary media market is longing for one all-media measurement solution. Most of the tools available claim to offer 360-degree analysis to help marketers’ estimate the relevant media’s impact on ROI. Gemius, however, offers a true single-source-fuelled research across all media channels, both digital and traditional. Thanks to the use of hardware-based panel across all platforms, the solution gives a chance to establish a new currency on the market: a comprehensive cross-media analysis enabling the marketers to truthfully estimate the real potential of their campaigns: optimize media-mix in terms of cost-effectiveness and benchmark their activities against segment or industry competitors. 

2. Methodology
Gemius’ innovation lies in the hardware-panel approach: panelists have meters installed on their smartphone’s OS level, hence, allowing for a real passive measurement and data collection; both, in-app and in-browser for mobile media, and with sound-matching technology with referencing signal for traditional media (TV and radio). Data for ad contact on PC is collected from browser extension in panelists’ participating in the hardware panel desktop devices. Compared to the software-based systems, Gemius’ eliminates two main problems: low panel retention and possible blockade of the measuring app’s access to microphone. The technology demonstrates a lab-tested accuracy on 98% threshold.

3. Key results
Gemius’ single-source-fuelled solution enables marketers to check metrics like Real Users/Reach, Impressions/GRP, frequency, R2+…R5+ of the campaign for all media in total with information on duplication and net addition. Everything for target groups which can be defined by gender, age and selected socio-demographical parameters. Gemius answers the questions: who is the most effective in adding incremental reach to my campaign and the campaign of my competitors: is it Facebook, YouTube or Local Publishers? Which ads were displayed to consumers while out-of-home? What was the reach among light-TV-viewers? How many users watched TV ads with their smartphones in-hand? 

4. Impact and Application
Gemius’ solution has been introduced to the Polish market in November 2018, and since then, has generated a lot of interest from all market players thanks to the pioneer approach it brings to the table. Currently, the service is being implemented on the German and Turkish markets.
The biggest revelation of the solution is the possibility to measure the campaign’s true net reach. The clients are finally able to, not only see the cross-media net reach of their own campaigning efforts and, hence establish the most effective media channels for the next campaign; but also, benchmark their results against their direct competitors or the market sector in a bigger picture. Gemius’ covers 36 TV stations, 20 radio stations from traditional media and all desktop & mobile activity (in-app & in-browser), including walled garden ecosystems.
Despite the fairly short introductory period of the study, some trailblazing learnings can be signified from our cooperation with clients. Some of the findings provide answers to the market crucial questions, i.e: does Facebook really upbuilds the reach among Light-TV-viewers of the simultaneously screening TV campaign?
Gemius’ solution opens the door to a set of new possibilities with the use of single-sourced-fuelled panel and the revolutionary feature of in-home and out-of-home measurement. Again, throughout client cooperation, we were able to measure the behavior of the consumers using the client’s dedicated mobile app and discover, how they were affected by the client’s campaign: if their in-app activity or behaviour has changed before, throughout or after the campaign. Marketers are finally able to see how their efforts really affect Light-TV-viewers or Non-TV-viewers and alter their media-mix holistically to maximise the reach among those groups.

Finally, Gemius’ equips marketers with a true cross-media viewing time metric, recognized as the most unprejudiced index when it comes to measuring campaign effectiveness.

5. Significance
Gemius cross-media solution provides the contemporary digital market with an independent true single-source-fuelled study, based on a true-passive measurement and gives a chance to establish a new common currency for holistic media planning and is a unified solution the market has been striving for since the birth of digital media.
Thanks to the original hardware-based approach, Gemius’ 100% independent cross-media measurement gives the possibility to measure the impact of a whole campaign, not only its digital element; it also opens the door to the unbiased inspection of the so-called walled gardens ecosystems’ real impact on the marketers’ campaigns.

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