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MIXX Awards Europe Winners 2019 – Tymbark – Funbot (GONG)


Tymbark – Funbot

Awards: Virtual and Augmented Reality (Bronze)

Campaign summary
Market Context: Young people love spending summer holidays with their friends. And snapping photos together. Many photos. Tymbark, a popular fruit drink manufacturer, sought to be a part of their holiday experience. There was one hurdle to clear, however—getting youths to share their pictures with the brand. Funbot is an original, custom-designed AI-powered solution, which uses a highly advanced image recognition and analysis algorithms to facilitate interaction between brand and consumer. The innovative service boosted customer engagement among younger demographics, driving them to share over 300,000 photos and continue to interact with the brand as far as twelve months after campaign conclusion. 

1. Objectives and Strategy
The 15-24yo demographic makes up up the biggest group among on-the-go drink consumers. Tymbark, a market leader in the industry, faces specific challenges in this particular area—its market share is vulnerable to both typically youth-oriented brands (Frugo, Roko), and established brands with international reach (Cola, Fanta, Sprite). To maintain the market leader position, a brand needs to be perceived as a trendsetter and early adopter of innovative solutions that boost engagement among the younger consumers. For the 15-24 demographic, the summer holidays are a perfect opportunity to spend some time with friends. And snap photos together. Hundreds of photos. The challenge was to design a digital activation campaign that would encourage younger consumers to share their holiday memories, in the form of pictures, with the brand.
KPI: 50,000 photos within the activation
KPI2: At least 2 pictures shared per user
CoreTG: younger consumers (15-24yo).

2. Execution and Media
To have Funbot caption a picture, a user has to take a photo using their smartphone or upload it from their computer, IG, or FB account. The application will analyze the picture within seconds and come up with five fitting captions. The user will then pick one and receive a branded picture with the caption written down inside the trademark Tymbark bottlecap.
Funbot became an integral part of Tymbark’s Messenger chatbot. The app was also deployed on a mobile website, developed according to RWD principles, which did not require the installation of any additional software.
Social media – 18%
Video – 25%
Display – 56%
Search – 1%
The main thrust of the media efforts was pursued over six summer holiday weeks and focused on SM.
Promotional efforts in mobile channels turned out to be highly successful. 

3. Creative
Funbot is an app—based around Bottlecap—that adds personalized captions to submitted photos on the fly. Funbot is based on AI-powered image recognition and analysis solutions. Using a handful of image recognition and analysis algorithms, we designed an original platform.
A user has to take a photo using their smartphone or upload it from their computer, or IG or FB account. The application analyzes the picture within seconds and comes up with five fitting captions. The user receives a branded picture with the caption written inside the trademark Tymbark bottle cap, they can share on SM.
We taught Funbot to recognize popular popcultural elements, including celebrities, movie stills, famous paintings, even logotypes.

4. Innovation
Using a handful of image recognition and analysis algorithms, we designed an original, high-efficiency solution. After processing the image, the algorithm then produces a couple, sometimes even a couple dozen, keyword that describe elements present in the image—it’s capable of identifying objects, structures, weather, vacation situations, celebrities, logotypes of other brands, even emotions of people in the pictures.
Then, the algorithms were fed thousands of typical vacation pictures to have them learn to identify their most commonly occurring elements. This resulted in a dictionary holding a couple of thousand phrases and their combinations, which we managed to assemble into over 3,000 creative captions. With each analyzed photo, the algorithm “learned” the best answers, and optimized relevant weights in the dictionary. It’s safe to say that Funbot is currently the most advanced tool for identifying vacation situations in photos.

5. Results
Together, innovative algorithms, unparalleled precision, and thousands of witty captions produced the desired results. Young people went crazy about Funbot and began flooding the app with photos, not just vacation pics, in order to try and beat the app at its own game. Powered by AI, the Tymbark Bottlecap managed to encourage young people to share their photos in numbers heretofore unseen. Everyone who engaged with Funbot submitted five photos on average (2.5 times the KPI) during the activation campaign.
Throughout the six summer weeks of the campaign, we received nearly 100,000 photos (2 times the KPI2).
Six months after concluding the campaign, the number of submitted pictures passed 300,000, with an average of around 1,000 new photos coming in every day.


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