Network-recommended Trainers

Below is a list of trainers who come highly-recommended by our members and who can be reached out to should you require a foreign specialist to deliver your courses.

In addition to covering any shortage of trainers that your local market might have, the advantage of contracting the services of a trainer from this list is twofold:

  • The trainers have had previous collaborations with our members and their names have been put forward as not only top-notch experts in their field, but also reputable pedagogues
  • The course you are delivering will benefit from added value and will be easier to market once advertised as delivered by a foreign trainer

Check back regularly for more trainers and recommendations based on their specific areas of expertise.

Contact us or the trainer directly should you wish to contract their services.

DIMAQ trainer Digital Manager CEE, GSK Consumer Healthcarecare. He started his career in Starcom in 2004, co-founder of digital agency Next....
5 December 2017
Bartlomiej Poplawski – Certified DIMAQ Trainer
DIMAQ trainer Head of Digital in Maxus, with over nine years of media experience, working only in digital environment for the past six years...
5 December 2017
Agata Sadel – Certified DIMAQ Trainer
Costin has been working in the communication industry for 15 years, mixing his experience as a communication specialist, with that of runnin...
5 December 2017
Costin Radu – IAB Romania Recommended
Daniel has more than 15 years of digital marketing & technology experience, with the past 8 years working directly in the online industr...
5 December 2017
Daniel Secareanu – IAB Romania Recommended
  DIMAQ trainer Since the beginning of his career, he has been working for the Mindshare media house. He has 7 years of experience in c...
23 November 2017
Michał Szczur – Certified DIMAQ Trainer
DIMAQ Trainer Managing Director Annalect/OMDD Group. She has been working for the OMD media house for 13 years. Since January 2017, he has b...
23 November 2017
Marta Pichlak-Miarka – Certified DIMAQ Trainer
DIMAQ Trainer Managing Director, Digital Resolution, OMD Group. Associated with the OMD media house group for 13 years. Her team of speciali...
23 November 2017
Kamila Kownacka – Certified DIMAQ Trainer
  DIMAQ trainer An expert in performance marketing, connected with the Internet industry for 13 years.  She has gained experience in m...
23 November 2017
Justyna Spytek – Certified DIMAQ Trainer
  DIMAQ Trainer A long-time member of the IAB Working Groups, Brand Advertising, Gaming, currently E-commerce. For 10 years in the indu...
23 November 2017
Jakub Bakula – Certified DIMAQ Trainer
DIMAQ Trainer Coach, consultant and publicist in the field of e-marketing and e-business, with almost 20 years of experience in the Internet...
23 November 2017
Artur Maciorowski – Certified DIMAQ Trainer
Bio With expertise and experience in the digital industry spanning 20 years of media disruption and innovation, Steve specialises in talent ...
6 July 2017
Steve Thompson – IAB Romania Recommended
Bio Carlos Lopez-Plandolit has been working in the digital advertising industry for 10 years in different areas, starting at the Production ...
24 March 2017
Carlos Lopez-Plandolit – Adelphic Recommended

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