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Value of Digital Advertising

Advertising is essential to the success of the European digital market. It has a key role in helping fund digital content, services and applications, making them widely available at little or no cost, as well as driving growth in the digital sector. As Europe is seeking to define a strategy to unleash the potential of digital for growth and jobs, IAB Europe calls upon European institutions to formally recognise digital advertising as a major lever for a successful digital economy.

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Marie-Clare Puffett
  IAB Europe, in collaboration with IHS Markit, presents the AdEx Benchmark 2017 Report – the definitive guide to the state of the Eu...
28 June 2018
IAB Europe Report: AdEx Benchmark 2017 (digital ad spend in Europe)
The European Digital Advertising market has doubled in size in 5 years The European Digital Advertising market reached €48bn in 2017 compa...
23 May 2018
IAB Europe research: AdEx Benchmark 2017 Study
IAB Turkey AdEx-TR 2017 Report reveals that Digital ad spend in Turkey reached TRY 2,163 Billion with a growth rate of 15.5%. According to I...
29 March 2018
Press release: IAB Turkey Releases 2017 Digital Ad Spend
All digital advertising categories experienced growth up to Q3 2017 in Poland.  Find out more HERE and at:
28 February 2018
Member report: IAB Poland – Digital Ad Spend report Q3 2017
Digital advertising grew by 8% in Germany in 2017 and a growth rate of 10% is expected for 2018. The digital advertising market is growing s...
27 February 2018
Member report: OVK/BVDW – Digital Ad Spend in Germany 2017
  European digital advertising continues to experience double-digit growth; in the first half of 2017 it grew by 11.5% to €22.2bn fro...
15 February 2018
IAB Europe Webinar Recording: European Online Advertising Spend H1 2017
Digital advertising is essential to the success of the European Digital Single Market. It has a key role in helping fund digital content, on...
24 January 2018
IAB Europe infographic: Digital Advertising Supports Europe’s Economy
The AdEx Benchmark H1 2017 Study published by IAB Europe in collaboration with IHS Markit, reveals that online advertising grew 11.5% to €...
23 November 2017
IAB Europe Study: AdEx Benchmark H1 2017 – online advertising continues double-digit growth
This webinar provided insights into the results of two of the studies commissioned by IAB Europe to explore data-driven advertising’s co...
16 November 2017
IAB EU Webinar recording: Digital Advertising in European Media Ecosystem & Economy
Join this webinar on Monday, 13th November at 4pm CET / 3pm GMT to gain insight into the results of two of the studies commissioned by IAB...
31 October 2017
IAB Europe Webinar: Data-Driven Advertising – The Role of Digital Advertising for the Europe...
The total programmatic display advertising market in Europe experienced another year of double-digit growth jumping 42.7% from €5.7bn in 2...
13 September 2017
IAB Europe Report: European Programmatic Market Sizing 2016
IHS Markit updated its analysis of the economic contribution that digital advertising as a whole makes to the EU. This provides important c...
7 September 2017
Research report: The economic contribution of online advertising in Europe

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