Gemius SA is a global research and technology company providing data, business consultations, solutions and recommendations in the area of online business.

The company has been dedicated to Internet market research since its founding in 1999. By focusing the business on maximizing credibility, quality and accuracy the company has been able to grow into the largest online market research agency in Central and Eastern Europe (in less than 5 years), and then to expand to further Western European markets, the MENA region and Asia.

The development of knowledge is an essential part of Gemius’ core mission: “We Support Knowledge Driven Business Decisions .com”. They support clients in taking expertise driven decisions, what helps them succeed in the digital world and make the most of their investments in online marketing channel. The information that Gemius provides is the basis for everyday marketing and e-commerce activities of the advertising agencies and ad networks, media houses as well as publishers, advertisers and e-commerce companies.

Gemius focuses on high-quality, ethical research. We adhere strictly to the codes of conduct developed by ESOMAR. The company also passed the ISO 27001:2013 Certification. Gemius clients can always count on the assistance of the company’s more than 300 experienced specialists.

Contact details

Gemius SA
Postępu 18B Street
Poland, Warsaw 02-676
Phone no. +48 22 390 90 90
Fax no. +48 22 874 41 01

Our Product Portfolio

Gemius provides a wide range of Internet research to brand name clients throughout Europe, MENA and Asia. Gemius provides solutions regarding:

  • Web analytics
    • Web, video & content analytics
    • Wide range of data on the behaviour of users on online products
    • Improving the effectiveness of online strategy and increasing direct sales
  • Online Campaigns’ Management
    • Online campaigns’ planning, serving, optimizing & monitoring
    • Campaign’s audience profiling & branding impact measurement
    • Market benchmarks & analysis of competitors digital strategies
  • Programmatic Marketing
    • Ad Serving
    • Inventory optimization
    • Advanced retargeting options
  • eCommerce solutions
    • Intelligent personalized recommendations of products and content
    • Remarketing
    • Marketing Automation
  • Online Currency On The Digital Market
    • Cross-platforms measurement
    • Online media usage patterns and socio-demographic profiles
    • Over 30 countries in Europe, Asia and the MENA region

Gemius’ gemiusAudience research is the online advertising currency across markets, where by working with key joint-industry committees and other market players Gemius provides accurate, high-quality measurement of online audiences for media planners, buyers and sellers.

The gemiusAudience methodology was awarded twice by IAB Europe:

  • IAB Europe Research Award 2016

“Overnight™ – Revolution in Delivering Final and Complete Internet Audience Results”

  • IAB Europe Research Award 2015

“Behavioural Panel Synthesis™ – A New Horizon to Cross-Platform Measurement”


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