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IAB Ireland’s mission is to Prove, Promote and Protect the Irish Online Advertising Industry.
Prove: IAB Ireland funds the IAB PwC Online Adspend in order to benchmark digital adspend and track its development over time. As membership of IAB Ireland grows, so will its commitment to research providing a very valuable resource to its members and the advertising industry.
Promote: IAB Ireland provides an authoritative voice to promote digital advertising by representing all those involved in online advertising enabling publishers, sales houses, ad networks, advertising and creative agencies, service provides and advertisers to work together in the development of the online channel. IAB’s working groups, case studies and events facilitate dynamic promotion of the opportunities that online advertising provides to marketers.
Protect: By liaising with its global partners IAB Ireland will PROTECT the online advertising environment through the development of its regulatory and public affairs remit.


IAB Ireland brings together all those involved in online advertising including publishers, sales houses, ad networks, advertising and creative agencies, service provides and advertisers.IAB membership is comprised of Full Membership, Associate Membership and Advertising Agency Membership.IAB Ireland currently has 30 members and further information on these companies and their activities is available at http://iabireland.ie/


IAB Ireland’s Working Groups and Councils provide an opportunity for members to share knowledge and expertise. Our working groups are dedicated to shaping policy and implementing best practice. IAB Ireland currently has the following Working Groups/Councils:
EPrivacy Directive and OBA Working Group
Display Council
Mobile Council
Events Working Group
Training Council

Communication Tools

IAB Ireland is working to become the authoritative voice for the Irish digital advertising industry with a strong and positive PR and Marketing focus, distributing quality marketing materials both online and offline.


IAB Ireland hosts a variety of events from conferences to workshops examining digital advertising opportunities and issues.

Special Projects


IAB Ireland commissions and publishes research on digital advertising to educate and inform the Irish marketing industry, such as IAB’s PwC Adspend Study which measures online advertising spend in the Irish market. IAB Ireland also provides a forum for highlighting quality case studies illustrating effective use of the digital advertising medium.

Regulatory Affairs:

IAB Ireland represents the digital advertising sector with policymakers and regulators to establish guidelines and standards for digital advertising in Ireland.


Chief Executive: Suzanne McElligott (pictured above)

Email: suzanne@iabireland.ie

Marketing Manager: Maeve O’Meara

Email: maeve@iabireland.ie


Phone: + 353 86 85 222 91

Email: info@iabireland.ie

Address: IAB Ireland, 30 B Eglinton Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4Website:


Twitter: @iabireland


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