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Our activities so far have been self-regulation, both in terms of designing and implementing of online advertising standards. In addition to the IAB display advertising guidelines we have also created guidelines for email marketing, enforcing the Romanian law and remaining consistent with the latest international trends. We have also established good relationships with other Romanian associations including International Advertising Association (IAA) Romania, The Romanian Association of Direct Marketing (ARMAD) and with local authorities including The Romanian Ministry of Communication and Informational Society and The National Authority for Administration and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM). We focus continuously on protecting and endorsing the development of the online advertising industry in Romania.


When IAB Romania was established as the online advertising trade association in Romania, we focused on attracting the most important online publishers, the major online sales houses, interactive agencies, and advertising agencies with online activities, including local affiliates to global advertising networks. We succeeded in attracting over 55 members, and our next focus is to increase the number of online advertisers within our members.


We have established 5 taskforces so far,  to implement IAB Romania’s plans and activities in order to achieve our mission. We have taskforces dedicated to monitoring standards and development, for online research, for education, events and public affairs.

Special Projects

Measuring online advertising in Romania

In 2008 we started working on the local Online Advertising Expenditure study, and we have the results every semester ever since for the last 4 years. We chose to work with PricewaterhouseCoopers Romania in order to ensure that we are following the model that the IAB Europe uses in key European markets.


Board of Directors

The current governing structure of IAB Romania is a General Assembly, constituted of all voting members, that meets once a year to vote on the most important issues. We have a Board of Directors with nine members that meet every month.

Our executive team:

President – Cristian Petriceanu, National Sales Manager at Informmedia
Vice-President – Cristi Parvan, Managing Partner at Media Target Group

Ioana Anescu, Managing Director – ioana.anescu@iab-romania.ro


Phone: +402 133 51 119

Ioana Anescu, Managing Director – ioana.anescu@iab-romania.ro

IAB Romania, Bucharest,
Calea Grivitei 8 – 10, 3rd floor, Sector 1

Twitter: @IABRomania / Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/IABRomania


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