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IAB Spain is the representative and main developer of the Digital Advertising industry in Spain.

IAB Spain integrates all the different players in the digital sector including Media and Creative agencies, publishers, search engines, affiliation networks, consultant, Digital Signage, Mobile Marketing, Ad Networks, Portals, Video/Smart TV, advertisers, email marketing and technology providers.

The main mission of IAB Spain is promoting the growth of the online advertising investment, standardizing, regularizing, teaching, encouraging and leading the digital industry best practices in Spain and being the representative voice of the digital industry in legal, political and government affairs.


Committes are the main muscle of the Association. Members participate actively to launch useful tools to the market, such as white papers, studies, guides, events proposals, lobbying, etc. They create, standardize and promote the digital industry.

IAB Spain currently manages 19 different committees:

  • Media Agencies
  • Advertisers
  • Digital Audio
  • Branding
  • Audience measurement
  • Online Media
  • Performance
  • Programmatic & Data
  • Ad networks
  • Social Media
  • Content & Native Advertising
  • Digital Creativity
  • Digital Signage
  • eCommerce
  • Technological Innovation
  • Mobile
  • Smart TV
  • Online Video
  • Regulation and Lobby

Committees meet every eight weeks for working plan updates and preparing materials to produce the information.

Communication Tools

  • Website: With Information on IAB Spain and its organization; event calendar with online registration; knowledge base with event presentations, case studies, publications and research; interactive member list with profiles of the company and the members; glossary; investment reports; news; legal questions; Who is Who in the Spanish interactive sector.
  • Corporate Newsletter: weekly press clipping newsletter regarding the interactive sector.
  • Social Media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.
  • Creative Showroom: Monthly newsletter with the best digital creativity in Spain.

To spread the importance of the interactive advertising sector, IAB Spain sponsors a series of marketing and advertising events. We seek agreements that will promote digital advertising and generate positive PR.

IAB Spain currently sponsors:

  • El Sol Festival
  • eShow
  • Mobile World Capital Barcelona
  • App Trade Centre
  • New Video


  • IAB Spain organizes several events in order to promote digital marketing in Spain.
  • Inspirational Festival: Yearly Festival that represents the most important event of the digital sector in Spain. With more than 3.000 attendees, it has a huge impact in the media.
  • IAB Seminar: Yearly seminar organized with the Association of Advertisers (AEA), mainly as a practical event to promote the interactive sector. Some advertisers are invited to this event in order to speak about their experiences with the digital marketing.
  • Regulation Congress: Yearly discussion forum between the industry of digital advertising and public institutions and is intended to inform and discuss aspects of the most innovative advertising regulation affecting the digital sector.
  • El Sol Festival: El Sol is the most important advertising festival in the Spanish-speaking market. IAB Spain reached one of its milestones when the organization of this Festival allowed the IAB to create the ‘Interactive party’.
  • IAB Spain puts special emphasis on organizing educational events to promote the interactive sector and to spread knowledge of different digital marketing techniques among advertisers.
  • Master IAB Spain: The Master in Digital Advertising and Communication IAB Spain is a program designed and oriented to give a deep overview of the aspects and opportunities that the online environment and online sector offers to professionals.
  • Thematic Workshops, “Themed Breakfasts”: These are events in which a company member of the IAB Spain runs a workshop on a particular theme. These monthly breakfast workshops last about two hours.
  • IAB University: Specialized training in the field of marketing and digital communication for both members and for external companies. They are 12 hours thematic courses. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a diploma certified both for the IAB and a business school.


Inspirational Awards: Awards for the best interactive campaigns coinciding with the Inspirational festival. These awards recognize the quality of the projects, and may be granted to persons, campaigns, projects and/or companies that the Jury consider inspirational for the online advertising industry. The main goal is to discover and show new paths and trends rather than review projects already covered by other Festivals.

Special Projects

Interactive Investment Report: This report has become the main tool to measure the growth of the digital sector. It is issued twice a year in cooperation with PwC. Through this report IAB Spain has achieved one of its main goals – to be the ‘official’ source of information of the digital sector. As a result Infoadex, the main source of the advertising sector in Spain uses the data provided on the digital media.

Who is Who: Updated annually, is a database with all the details of the professionals involved in the interactive advertising and marketing in Spain.


President: Beatriz Medina
Managing Director: Antonio Traugott (antonio@iabspain.net)
Marketing & Research Director: Belén Acebes (belen@iabspain.net)
Marketing & Research: Coral Mozas (coral@iabspain.net)
Mobile & New Media: Paco Anes (paco@iabspain.net)
Legal & Public Affairs: Paula Ortiz (paula@iabspain.net)
Event & Education Director: Jorge De Blas (jorge@iabspain.net)
Event & Education: Vicente Femenía (vicente@iabspain.net)
Comunication and Social Media: María Torres (maria@iabspain.net)
Comunication and Social Media: Ignacio Lapastora (Ignacio@iabspain.net)
Financial Department: Cristina Rodríguez (cristina@iabspain.net)


IAB Spain
Lino, 7
28006 Madrid
E-mail: comunicacion@iabspain.net
Tel:  +34 91 402 76 99


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