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IAB Sweden is the networking and knowledge platform for interactive advertising and digital marketing in Sweden.
Sweden has traditionally been a strong IT nation characterized by a high broadband penetration and a population that has at an early stage adopted the digital media. As spending increases in digital channels, IAB Sweden’s main mission is to promote and develop the digital and interactive market by informing, educating, researching and networking initiatives and activities.  IAB Sweden will work so that the country truly becomes the ‘Capital of Internet’.


The mission of IAB Sweden will be realized through the activities of its workgroups and task forces. Only members can share their knowledge and experience to grow and bring professional standards to the market by participating at the workgroups and task forces.
IAB Sweden together with its members is focusing on following areas within its task forces:

  • Mobile
  • Legal
  • AT/RTB
  • OBA
  • Display
  • Video
  • Branding
  • Search

Communication Tools

Website containing information about IAB Sweden, our strategy and value information to our members.
Regular breakfast seminaries and one bigger yearly event.
Recognized work from Task Force as Case studies, publications, guidelines, best practice and research.


IAB Sweden host a variety of seminars and have one big event every year in April, IAB Sweden Conference.


IAB Sverige 
Charlotte Thür, CEO
Tel +46 707 90 94 97


Johan Siwers


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