IAB Europe Report: Attitudes towards Programmatic Advertising

More than 1,000 advertisers, agencies and publishers from 29 markets were surveyed to provide clarity on the current adoption of programmatic and stakeholder perspectives on its potential for strategic competitive advantage. Over 90% say they will increase their programmatic investment or revenue over the next 12 months and 40% expect an increase of more than a third.

Further key findings of the report are:

  • Publishers show a controlled, cautious approach with an emphasis on managing their own data and maximising value and margins by monetising inventory more effectively‏.
  • Agencies see themselves at the forefront of programmatic adoption, gaining trading, operational and audience targeting benefits.
  • Advertisers are the stakeholder group least likely have programmatic in-house at this point in time.
  • There is a recognition that inefficiencies need to be tackled in order to empower programmatic to deliver maximum value.
  • Barriers to adoption exist with hiring and training people with the right skill set the top obstacle‏.
  • Despite this, investment in programmatic is set to increase significantly with over 90% of all stakeholders citing an increase in investment or revenue over the next 12 months. Indeed, 4 in 10 expect an increase of more than 31%.

The report also demonstrates the need for further learning and education and the recently published IAB Europe Road to Programmatic White Paper provides an analysis of the decisions facing advertisers, agencies and publishers in considering how to capitalise on the programmatic opportunity and address the accompanying challenges.

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