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Affiperf and Oracle Data Cloud: A winning equation = first + third-party data

Combining first and third-party data boosts return on investment. Affiperf was challenged by a travel brand to drive a consistently high volume of ticket sales each month. First-party data, whilst valuable, could not deliver the scale needed to drive these new ticket sales. Affiperf leveraged Oracle Data Cloud’s advanced Modeling 360 solution to find new customers efficiently. Modeling 360 used the brand’s first-party data and Oracle’s third-party assets to locate their best prospects and increase online conversion performance.


Oracle Data Cloud is all about helping advertisers connect with the right customer, personalize every interaction, and measure the effectiveness of each engagement. We aggregate, analyze and activate customer data and put it to work for you. Powered by Oracle ID Graph, we create true cross-channel consumer understanding. So you can know more about who your customer are, what they do, where they go, and what they buy.

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