Xaxis and IAB Europe Programmatic Audio Advertising Report

The Xaxis (in association with IAB Europe) Programmatic Audio Advertising Report highlights that the future of programmatic audio advertising looks bright across Europe. Publisher/Media Owners expressed that they want to enhance their offer, improve user experience and increase advertising revenue.  

The study asked respondents about advertising in radio, podcast and streamed environments, drivers and barriers to programmatic audio investment, stakeholder knowledge of programmatic audio and the metrics used to evaluate programmatic audio campaigns.

John Wittesaele, EMEA President at Xaxis, says: “We’re buoyed by the confidence that buy-side stakeholders will very likely plan to increase programmatic audio spend in the near future, although there is work to be done to educate.”

IAB Europe’s Chief Economist, Daniel Knapp, agrees that “Programmatic audio is still at a nascent stage but growing quickly. Innovative European companies, both those with a history in radio and online streaming, are helping to drive growth.”

Download the full report below:


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