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IAB Europe Report: AdEx Benchmark 2018

AdEx Benchmark is the definitive guide to the state of the European digital advertising market.  The report reveals the key milestones contributing to the 2018 market value of €55bn and the fastest growth since 2011.

The report provides a comprehensive perspective of digital advertising spend across Europe which is essential in benchmarking market development trends, the increasingly pan-regional nature of digital advertising investments and the role of Europe’s digital economy in a global context, attracting global start-up funding and European policy formulation.

Based on a study of twenty-eight markets in Europe, the report includes data on social ad spend and splits video by in-stream and out-stream. Out-stream video and mobile both dominated results in 2018, as they both grew by double-digits in all twenty-eight markets. Out-stream video grew by 44.7 percent on average, compared to in-stream at 19.7 percent. Overall, video grew by 30.9 percent, to €7.6bn, accounting for 33 percent of the display market.

The results and trends highlighted in the AdEx Benchmark Report will be discussed in our first Economic Trends Forum webinar on 25th July at 15.00 CEST / 14.00 BST. Find out more about the IAB Europe Economic Trends Forum here

You can download the full report below

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