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Member report: 2018 Turkey Ad Spend

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According to IAB Turkey AdEx-TR 2018 Report digital ad revenues reached 2,47 billion TL with a growth of 14,2%

IAB AdEx-TR 2018 report reveals that display ad revenues reached TL 1,41bn by growing 15%. Advertising based on Display/Click gets the biggest share under Display category with TL 969M. On the other hand, Video ad revenues reached to TL 353M with a growth rate of 31% and Native to TL 101M.

Search Advertising revenues which consists of Keyword Based Advertising completed 2018 with TL 923M, where Classified & Directories rose to TL 113M. E-mail marketing ad revenues which had declined in previous years, continued to decline by 5% with nearly to TL5M.           and, in-game advertising reached TL 17M.

While TL 1,4bn out of TL2,47bn was spent on mobile platforms, 79% of the social media ads (TL411M in total) took place on mobile platforms. Programmatic ad-spend hit TL 1,69bn and continued to increase in 2018.

Neslihan Olcay, IAB Turkey’s Chairwoman said, “According to e-marketer[1], in 2018 global ad spend will reach $628.6bn and digital will be the driving force of advertising industry with a share of 43,5%. In a relatively difficult economical period, Turkey succeeded to grow in double digits once more. We foresee that video ads which grew by 31% in 2018 will follow the same path in 2019 since Fair Usage Quota has been removed. As of next year, making a methodological improvement in AdEx study and providing more detailed information to the industry are within the plans. 

In this context, I’d like to emphasize that new research projects will be among top priorities in addition to AdEx-TR. The Research Committee recently founded will conduct diversified research studies related to the market and will support the industry and foreign investors’ decision-making processes.

In 2019, we’ll also initiate new working groups, namely B2B and AdTech & MarTech. These are two major topics expected to grow. M2M (Machine to Machine) marketing will be another interesting topic in a couple of years. Moreover, even today Digital extends beyond the advertising, therefore Direct Brand Economy will also be in our agenda. And we will definitely keep the current projects by improving them.”

2018 million TL 2017 million TL Change
Total Digital Advertising Investments* 2.470,56 2.162,55 14,2%
Display Advertising Investments 1412,75 1.227,75 15%
Advertising based on Display/Click 958,85 879,66 9%
Video 352,65 269,50 31%
Native 101,26 78,59 29%
Search Advertising Investments 923,25 814,49 13%
Keyword based advertising 923,25 814,49 13%
Classified & Directories 112,97 102,51 10%
Others 21,58 17,80 21%
E-mail marketing 4,98 5,13 -3%
In-game advertising 16,61 12,67 31%
Social media** 410,99 340,29 21%
Mobile** 1391,54 1.093 27%
Programmatic** 1638,25 1.411 16%


*Agency fees, production costs and direct buys are not involved.

**Social media, mobile and programmatic are included under Format based Digital Ad Investments and should not be added to total value

[1] May 2018


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