Member report – IAB Poland – Internet Culture of Insult?

Contrary to the common belief that there is no culture of speech on the internet, once again, the research of IAB Poland proves that this is not the case. Crossing the borders of culture on the net is still a marginal occurrence. Unfortunately, because of universal accessibility, the internet has the worst image among all means of communication in this context. Since the phenomenon of insulting on the net remains inconsequential, it is obvious that the best form of prevention is constant education of internet users. It is worth noting that indeed, thanks to the appropriate education, the perception of online anonymity has changed. The percentage of web surfers convinced that the internet allows anonymity has decreased by half over the last five years, reaching 26%. Since the definite majority of internet users already acknowledge that the web is a public space, they certainly care more about the culture of their own expressions online. IAB Poland’s newest report gives hope that in the future, we will no longer discuss the internet culture of insult, but rather the culture of speech.

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