In the works: the IAB Europe Digital Transformation Playbook – get involved!

When I wrote about digital transformation last year I prefaced that blog by admitting that I am no expert in this field. I wouldn’t say that much has changed since then in that respect, other than a clearer and more pregnant realisation of just how important digital transformation is for businesses. That’s an understatement; it’s likely the only way forward. The landscape is changing and will continue to do so. It is becoming increasingly digital and those who don’t adapt to this fundamental shift will become obsolete,  or irrelevant and eventually join the ranks of Blockbuster and Kodak in the annals of history as “those who weren’t open to change”. Of course, disruptions in the market are only part of the issue for the downfall of giants, but a significant one.

So how do you stay relevant in an environment which continuously shifts and evolves and where disruptors are the ones fashioning the markets of tomorrow? If I had the answer to that I would be writing this blog from my own yacht moored somewhere on the French Riviera. The truth is there is no one answer. There are many paths to be followed on the journey to digital transformation, some more straightforward, some easier to trek. The topic itself is so broad, so all-encompassing, that it’s increasingly at risk of getting diluted into just another buzzword. And yet, the underlying question remains as critical as ever: will you be the next Uber or Netflix, or the next company which falls behind in the digital race?

In a bid to take steps to support our members and followers, we organised a webinar last year with the participation of a diverse roster of speakers, from tech giants discussing their take on what digital transformation is, to representatives from a leading European bank discussing how digital transformation is becoming reality in an Eastern-European market. What we saw was great interest and so this year we are taking steps to put together a valuable and concrete resource for businesses on their path to digital transformation, digital optimisation, or business transformation, no matter which term they may employ. One of the projects the IAB Europe Education and Training Committee is working on is a Digital Transformation Playbook.

The goal is to create an interactive resource which houses top-of-the-line theoretical and practical work carried out by our members on the topic of digital transformation. With a stellar roster of contributors, ranging from titans in the field to National IABs and their members, the ambitions are high. Both for those working on creating this truly invaluable resource and also for those who will ultimately use it – beyond the concrete advice, tips, tools, and platforms, presented in a variety of mediums – what will be exciting to watch is how different approaches coalesce into one general stream of insights: how to make your business more suited to today’s digital environment.

Like I said, the task is bold and broad. Its achievement rests on the contributions of those with experience, with know-how, with the deep understanding of the steps that a business needs to take not to simply adapt, but to flourish in the increasingly digitised market, be it at a business level, technological one, or company culture level; or all of them combined. If you are part of an organisation which shapes the future of tomorrow’s digital businesses or a thought leader with clear insight into the matter, get involved. If you want to learn more about digital transformation for yourself and your organisation, stay tuned. We have great things coming!


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