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IAB Europe publishes Measurement Blueprint and initiates Measurement Organisations Forum

Blueprint on Online Audience Measurement and Ad Effectiveness Metrics and KPIs

IAB Europe has published a blueprint to outline goals and recommended actions for online audience measurement and ad effectiveness metrics and KPIs.

It aims to drive further brand advertising investment into digital channels by increasing advertiser confidence and to improve best practice across Europe.

The key objectives of the blueprint are:

  • To guide the development of audience measurement across the increasing number of digital platforms
  • To promote compatible and standardised sets of metrics applicable to all major media channels
  • To encourage closer cooperation between separate audience and brand KPI measurement initiatives in individual markets to provide a more holistic, media neutral data set for advertisers, planning and buying agencies, and media owners and vendors of advertising inventory.

Karim Attia, Chairman, IAB Europe Brand Advertising Committee and CEO, nugg.ad comments, “This measurement blueprint is an important step in encouraging best practice in the measurement of online audiences and campaigns and developing metrics that brand marketers want”.

Bas de Vos, Director, Stichting KijkOnderzoek (The Netherlands), added “IAB Europe’s research and recommendations reinforce the need for a core set of metrics coming from independently measured data. The measurement industry needs to work together to enable marketers to better plan, execute, and evaluate longer-term brand building campaigns.”

IAB Europe initiates Forum for Measurement Organisations

At the same time, the Measurement Organisations Forum (MOF) is being launched which will enable companies involved in the measurement of online and TV audiences to study and build on the blueprint, whilst collaborating and sharing best practice in a non-commercial environment in order to move digital measurement forward. These companies include Joint Industry Committees and measurement organisations across Europe.

Uwe Scheid, Department Manager Research & Innovation, AGOF Services GmbH (Germany), said ‘“A neutral platform such as the IAB Europe Measurement Organisations Forum is vital for effective industry cooperation to advance the measurement of digital media in Europe”

Andrzej Garapich, CEO & President, Polskie Badanie Internetu(Poland), added “This initiative aims to help measurement organisations learn from each other to be better equipped for both local market challenges and for developing common recommendations for the benefit of all stakeholders.”

A wide outreach to the measurement community

The blueprint has been produced by IAB Europe’s Brand Advertising Committee and is based on:

  • key findings from the IAB Europe Metrics and KPIs survey, conducted in 2014 to learn about measurements that would help drive more long-term brand advertising investment into digital media
  • outreach to Joint Industry Committees and measurement organisations across Europe
  • best practice from around the globe
  • feedback from the IAB Europe network

The following organisations are included in the IAB Europe outreach:

Digital Measurement Organisations:

OWA (Austria), CIM (Belgium), SPIR (Czech Republic), Danske Medier (Denmark), Media Metrics (Finland), Mediametrie (France), AGOF (Germany), DKT (Hungary), Audiweb (Italy), Vinex (The Netherlands), Mediebedriftene (Norway), PBI (Poland), BRAT (Romania), IAB Slovakia (Slovakia), IAB Slovenia (Slovenia), AIMS (Spain), IAB Sweden (Sweden), Net Metrics (Switzerland), IAB Turkey (Turkey), UKOM (UK)

TV Measurement Organisations:

AGTT (Austria), ATO (Czech Republic), TV Meter Group (Denmark), Finnpanel (Finland), AGF (Germany), Mediametrie (France), AGB Nielsen Media Research (Greece and Hungary), Auditel (Italy), SKO (The Netherlands), AGB Nielsen Polska (Poland), ARMA (Romania), TNS Gallup Media (Russia), PMT (Slovakia), AIMC (Spain), MMS (Sweden), Mediapulse (Switzerland), BARB (UK)

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